Top 7 Unique Engagement Ideas

You have found the one you want to settle down with for the rest of your life and now trying to figure out how to pop the question? Relax, we have got you covered.
One of the biggest moments in your life is asking for your partner’s hand in marriage, your engagement. Engagement ideas come in all forms and you want to have your engagement special and memorable in your own way. Here are the top 7 unique engagement ideas that are sure to make a big impression.

1. Propose in the air

Skywriting is a wonderful idea for an engagement. You can have a private or grouped hot air balloon ride and propose while you enjoy nature. Alternatively, get a plane to fly a banner written “will you marry me, (her name)?” over your town or print a large banner that she can read while the two of you are in the air.

2. Choose a famous location

This does not have to be somewhere far away, it can be a weekend getaway to a nearby city or an iconic landmark or tall building with an observation deck. A sweeping view as a backdrop for a dramatic proposal is definitely an unforgettable moment.

3. Take a hike

If you both love mountain climbing, use that opportunity to create a memorable moment by planning a proposal for your next hiking adventure. A combination of the striking scenery and the unexpected proposal as you reach the peak will make for a breathtaking experience.

4. Stroll down the beach

Another unique engagement idea is a beach proposal. You can opt to dig for clams, hide one in your pocket that holds the engagement ring or write the words on the sand, while she is not looking.

5. Photo album

For a more private idea, assemble together a photo album of everything from your relationship milestones to funny moments caught on camera. Leave space to add a new photo with a label saying “Our Engagement,” and have a camera set up or a friend capturing the special moment.

6. Use flowers

Sets the stage for your engagement with a sea of scattered flower petals or blooms arranged artfully to express your love. These can be arranged in the shape of a heart or threaded together and suspended from the trees.

7. Stage a treasure hunt

This unique engagement idea requires a bit more planning but is a great way to get your loved ones involved. Have a friend or family member stationed at every favorite spot with a planted clue, leading them to the final clue, ‘you.’

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