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10 Amazing Wedding Vows and Rituals for Your Wedding Ceremony

Wondering how to word your vows and express your union? Relax and read on.

We have witnessed couples exchange vows in a variety of ways. We have also seen many interesting rituals that couples perform to symbolically unite them. Some choose to write their own vows while others simply pick from those provided. Wedding rituals can be personalized too. Here is a handy guide on 10 amazing wedding vows and rituals.

1. Choosing Your Marriage Vows

Your wedding vows are such an important part of your marriage. You can ask other married couples for tips on how to write your own vows or you can adapt the traditional ones to make them personal to you. Vows can be short and to the point. In Australia, certain words must be included in your vows to ensure your marriage is legal.

2. Saying Your Vows

To make sure you do not miss any word, you can repeat your vows after your officiant or you can read them from a card. Writing down your vows is the preferred way of doing things but you can choose to memorize them if you want. However, if you decide to memorize your vows, just make sure you’ve given your officiant a copy so they can help along if you forget.

3. Sand Ceremony

The symbol of sand is a popular wedding ritual for many wedding ceremonies, especially when the couple has children. Different colored sands are poured into a vessel, creating unique patterns that symbolize the coming together or blending of families.

4. Handfasting

A handfasting ceremony or tying the knot symbolizes the making of a promise or a covenant. Many versions of handfasting exist and you can create your own version.

5. Rose Ceremony

The rose is a symbol of love and can be used by combining colors, such as white to represent your pure intentions and red to represent love.

6. Wine Ceremony

Many versions of the wine ceremony are available, such as the one where you seal love letters to each other into a box with a bottle of wine to share later on or toasting each other with wine.

7. Coin Ceremony

This is a ceremony where one partner drops coins into the other partner’s hands. This symbolizes the promise to help provide for each other. Your partner then drops the coins back into your hands, to symbolize the sharing of your earnings and wealth.

8. Cord Ceremony

Here, the cord, which is in a figure of eight, is looped over the shoulders of the couple. This symbolizes infinity and unity.

9. Candle Ceremony

Lighting a candle or candles is popular with couples today. In this ceremony, the bride and groom light the large candle together using the pre-lit small candles.

10. Wishing Tree Ceremony

The guests are given cards to write their wishes and hopes for the couple’s future and they hang these on a tree.

Who to Contact When Wedding Planning

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Know What Happens at a Wedding Reception

Are You Wondering How You Can Schedule Your Reception?

Although they may be some formalities, like cutting the cake and throwing the bouquet, the main point of the reception is to party. The reception adds to the good memories of a wedding. It is therefore important to plan and know in advance what to expect. Here is what typically happens at a wedding reception.

2. The Arrival of Guests at the Reception

After the wedding ceremony, the couple, bridal party, parents and close family members usually take their pictures at a different location while the guests get to the reception. You need to work with your DJ and wedding reception venue manager to determine the best order of events. As the guests arrive, they are welcomed with a drink and some snacks and are shown their seating arrangement. A gift table is also available for guests to place their wedding gifts.

3. The Arrival of the Bride and Groom

Most people hire a DJ who creates the perfect ambiance for the venue and the couple’s entrance. The entrance of the couple and their bridal party to the reception is announced and they can go ahead and take their seats at the head table.

4. Time for Speeches

The master of the ceremony begins by welcoming everyone and toasting the bride and groom. He then invites the best man to thank the bridal team and shares a bit about the bride and groom. The bride’s father also makes his speech followed by the groom.

5. Food is Served

The wedding party is usually served first, then the rest of the guests. If a buffet is served, there should be someone to direct the guests to the meal to maintain order. However, many couples choose to have the food served at the table.

6. Dance Floor Opens

After the meal, the bride and groom have their first dance to a song of their choice. Their parents then join in, followed by the bridal party. The floor is now open for everyone to come and have fun. During this time, the bride and groom may also choose to toss the bouquet and throw the garter.

7. Cutting of the Cake

The couple cuts the wedding cake together and feeds each other, and then the flower girls hand out to the cake to the guests.

8. Goodbye Song

As this song plays, the couple moves from seat to seat, thanking each and every guest. The couple leaves to a hotel and then takes off to their honeymoon destination. The guests may choose to dance or may start leaving too.

Where to Go for Your Wedding Event and Best Reception Venue

Clarence House boasts two world-class wedding reception venues that are a must-visit. With over 30 years of experience hosting thousands of weddings, Clarence House wedding venues Sydney knows exactly how to make your wedding event unique, special and memorable. Call us today on (02) 9750 3555 or (02) 9789 1662 or send us an email at [email protected]
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Top 6 Wedding Trends Every Bride Should Know About

Are You a Bride About to Get Married in 2019?

Here are the top 6 wedding trends that every bride intending on walking down the aisle in 2019 ought to know.

1. Here Comes The….dress

2018 had its fair share of weddings, with the highlight being the royal wedding of Prince Harry to Ms Meghan Markle. And for brides hoping to get married in 2019, all eyes were on the dress. Duchess of Sussex’s wedding dress did not disappoint. It featured an elegant open boat neckline, three-quarter sleeves, and a train of sizeable length. The dress has continued to inspire, and as you shop, there’ll be no shortage of similar dress trends on the market.

2. Colorful Floral Bouquets

We for one are happy to see colorful floral bouquets trending once again. Recent wedding seasons have seen brides opting for muted color palettes for both their bouquets and their main centerpieces. However, it seems the colour is back in the game and it promises to be a really bright 2019 wedding season, indeed.

3. Eco-Friendly Décor

There has been a recent upsurge in couples looking for more eco-friendly décor and stationary options. A lot of couples looking to get married are making environmentally friendly decisions regarding their big day. This includes choosing wedding invitations made from recycled paper, opting for cutlery and paper plates that can be recycled, as well as for settling for less synthetic décor and more shrubbery and flowers.

4. Radical Food Choices

Gone are the days when weddings were strictly a traditional affair. Today, people understand the concept of hosting a wedding their way. For this reason, we’ve seen more couples break away from the expected meal arrangement of having a traditional formal, sit-down meal. Hire a food truck! Serve your food buffet or cocktail style! Enjoy the freedom of throwing your wedding, the way you want it. Remember, your wedding, your rules.

5. Statement Wedding Cakes

Now you can have your cake and eat it too! If you’re going to splurge on one thing, you might as well make it the cake. In 2018 we saw a lot of interesting wedding cakes and desserts. One thing that was clear to see was that couples seemed to have no qualms about splurging on their cakes, and the bigger the better. The trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down, and will likely continue all throughout 2019.

6. Balloon Walls

We’ve all heard of flower walls, but have you heard of balloon walls? Balloon walls seem to be all the rage this wedding season, because of the numerous ways in which you can get creative with them. If you don’t want to simply float balloons into your reception hall, then consider getting fashioned into a monogram featuring you and your partner’s initials.

Discuss These Trends and More with Our Clarence House Gurus

Clarence House boasts two world-class wedding reception venues worth touring. If you’re in the hunt for a wedding venue, book an appointment with us today. You can call us and talk to one of our friendly staff members on (02) 9750 3555 or (02) 9789 1662 or visit best wedding venues Sydney or send us an email at [email protected]