Brides Guide for Pre-Wedding Party in 2019

Read Out this Brides Guide for Pre-wedding Party in 2019

You can’t get married without throwing one final ‘single lady’ party! And fortunately for you, there are at least three such parties you’ll have the joy of experiencing before you say ‘I Do’. There is the congratulatory engagement party, the exhilarating hen party, and the preparatory kitchen tea to really make you feel loved and pampered. Here is our exclusive brides guide for the pre-wedding party in 2019.

1. The Engagement Party

If you’ve recently been proposed to and said ‘yes’, then congratulations on the engagement! This is a significant milestone in any relationship and one that definitely merits celebration. There are no hard and fast rules for engagement parties with a lot of couples choosing to keep them budget-friendly and low-key. This can mean inviting a few friends and family to a sit-down meal to share your joy in the upcoming nuptials.

2. The Kitchen Tea Party

The kitchen tea party, also known as the bridal shower is a chance for the bride’s close friends to lavish and pamper her with marriage advice and gifts. When is the best time to host this event? Anytime between 2-weeks to 2-months prior to the actual wedding will be good. However, we recommend not having the shower so close to the wedding because final wedding preparations will take up quite a significant amount of your time.
Where to host a kitchen tea party? If you’re looking for a hassle-free affair, you should consider places that offer special high tea. In this way, you are guaranteed a beautiful setting and good food. If you’re all about DIY, venues such as The Lemnos at Clarence House can be well worth considering.
As for food, you can keep it light. Think cocktails and sandwiches.

Engagement parties in 2019

3. The Hen Party

The hen party is the party for a soon-to-be-married woman. It’s a final opportunity to party it up! Hit the streets with your best mates and enjoy your last moments as a single woman if that’s your style. To get it right, there should be lots of pampering, think spa dates, cocktails and food.
You can even arrange to play a few games here and there throughout the day or night to keep things moving. Hen parties have received a notorious reputation over the years, but many women are now opting to keep it classy by signing up for cooking classes, or long luncheons and elegant high teas instead. Ultimately, whatever you choose, you should have fun.

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