Top Wedding Decoration Tips For A Venue

Large wedding decorations can be pretty overwhelming and difficult to set up. With wide spaces and large empty corners, it takes a lot of skill and effort to make your large wedding venue feel cozy and intimate. Large venues are usually booked by couples that have a huge guestlist and require a space large enough to fit their guests without feeling cramped. From banquet halls and barns to beaches and farms, there are different types of large wedding venue decorations depending on the type of wedding you are planning.

We know how stressful and expensive it is to decorate a large wedding venue. This is why we have set up a comprehensive guide that will guide you towards planning the best wedding event in your large venue.

Wedding Theme & Vibe

When you have a theme in mind for your wedding event, the decoration process will be a lot easier because you already know the color palette, style and vibe you want for your wedding. You can then go ahead and stock up on all the decorative items that will fit the theme of your wedding. 

For instance, a fairytale-themed wedding will work incredibly well with floral drapes, fairy lights, dry flowers, and butterflies. Likewise, a rustic wedding will require items like barrel stools, woodsy decors, wood slice seats, and globe lights. 

At the end of the day, your wedding decoration will hugely depend on your wedding theme, so it is advisable to decide on a theme before you begin the decoration process.

Backdrop & Draping

When you have a large wedding venue, it is important to cancel out anything that will make the space feel empty and big. Leaving the ceiling and walls plain can turn your venue into a plain and clinical space with zero intimacy. This is why you should incorporate draping into your wedding event.

Draping the ceiling of your large wedding venue can instantly transform the space into a homey environment and give the illusion of a smaller space. You can make use of these drapes to section your venue, lower the ceiling and minimize the grandeur of the space. 

Floral Arrangements

One of the most beautiful aspects of wedding decoration is the incorporation and arrangement of flowers to fit the space. Flowers are a big wedding statement that can provide stunning backdrops and serve as centrepieces for your tables. There are hundreds of flowers to choose from which can suit any wedding theme you are planning.

You can make use of either real or faux flowers to set up floral boards, floral walkways, floral drapes, or floral centrepieces depending on the size of your budget. Large floral arrangements can drastically reduce the size and simplicity of your large wedding venue.

Contact a wedding planner or search through online wedding inspo pages to see the different ways you can incorporate flowers into your wedding event.

Lighting & Ambience

Good lighting can completely transform the mood and ambience of your large wedding venue. Lighting is an important aspect of decoration and needs extra care and effort to ensure that you select the right amount of light that will suit your large wedding venue. There are different types and scales of lighting. It can be either cheap or expensive based on the type you choose. 

Candles and string lights are cheap alternatives that can work like magic. The low lights can create a dim mood that will make your wedding venue feel cozy and warm. You should also consider investing in ceiling and table lamps like lanterns and retro to create a warm atmosphere, especially if you are planning a traditional or rustic-themed wedding reception.

The best way to create a mood for your wedding is by selecting the appropriate lighting, so make sure you give your lighting full effort and consideration.

Table Arrangements

The arrangement of tables and chairs play a huge role in your decoration process. A large wedding venue gives you the chance to try different types of seating arrangements because of the ample space. You can try out different arrangements to see which one will work best with your large wedding venue. It is also important to note that there are different types of chairs and tables.

Round tables are the most common type of seating arrangement because it allows you to get creative with spacing. Long rectangular tables have become very popular nowadays and can fit rustic-themed weddings perfectly. Your tables and chairs should be beautifully decorated with drapes, ribbons and centrepieces to add color to your wedding event. 

You can also bring in miscellaneous seating furniture from your home or renting centre like accent chairs, ottomans and pillows to make your wedding look creative and feel homey. 

The Wedding Stage Decoration

Do you also think that Without Wedding Stage Decoration your wedding can be boring?

Yes, A wedding reception decoration is not complete without a stage where the couple and their guests can bust some moves and celebrate the union. A large wedding venue makes it possible for you to have a wide stage for dancing and entertainment. This stage usually requires little decoration to make the space look wonderful.

Hanging colorful lights over the stage can give an illusion of an actual dance floor. You can also give the space identity by setting up a floor or board that will make the stage feel a bit elevated. The couple needs to be the centre of attention when they finally get on stage to have their first dance.

Decorative Items

There are a lot of options when it comes to decorating your large wedding venue. Decors can range from highly expensive pieces to cheap and DIY special items. These items also depend on the theme you select for your wedding event. You can find inspiration for decorative items by talking to a wedding planner, reading wedding inspo blogs, going on Pinterest and other social media platforms, or speaking to couples that have experience in wedding planning.

Decorative items are available all around you and can help you transform your large wedding venue into a stunning space for your event. These decorative items include place cards, vases, floral arrangements, backdrops, candles, wreaths, garlands, petals, paper lanterns, centrepieces, signboards, silk/cotton/satin drapes, string lights, lamps, globe lights, stationery, paper flowers, fans, barrels, wood slices, fireplace, iron pillars, cake stands, altars, stage canopies, colorful dance floor tiles, and crystal arrangements.

Large venues can be overwhelming to decorate and might require a lot of insight from professionals. This is why we created this guide to help you understand all the ways you can do decoration for wedding venue and create the perfect wedding event of your dreams.