How to Save Money for a Wedding in a Year

Do You Want to Know How You Can Save Money for the Big Day?

A wedding is one of the most important days you will have and you need to start your marriage life debt-free. You can have a beautiful wedding without having to worry about having any debt hanging over you. Here is a guide on how to save money for a wedding in a year.

1. Set Up a Budget

whether you opt for a wedding package or put together your own special day, the first thing you must do is to work out the cost of your wedding and set a budget. Stick to it so that your costs don’t go out of control. Include in your budget a list of intended expenditure for each item as this will enable you to carefully control and monitor each and every cost.

2. Determine How Much to Save Each Month

after working out the cost of your wedding and setting your budget, work out how much you’ll need to save to meet this target and how long it will take. Make sure you are being realistic about what you can achieve and how much you can afford. For example, if you are planning to spend $6,000 for a wedding in one year’s time, you will have to save around $500 a month.

3. Get Started

set up a regular payment, which can be a direct debit or a standing order that will automatically transfer your set amount into your savings per month. Decide where you’ll keep your savings, either an online bank account for the wedding or you open an instant access savings account. With a year to plan ahead, you might want to look at accounts that tie up your money but offer good interest.

4. Book Your Wedding Venue Early

book your Sydney wedding venues and caterer super early so that prices do not go up. Consider having your ceremony and reception at the same venue to cut travel time. This way, the guests can sit at their tables during the ceremony and be able to start the cocktail hour immediately after the ceremony.

5. Find Extra Sources of Income

you may also start seeking out additional sources of income to top up your monthly savings. You can take a part-time job or try selling some unwanted furniture, electronics, or ant items to bring in extra cash. While the extra job might be a bit too much to handle, it is something you would only need to do for a limited time.

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