How To Decorate An Outdoor Wedding Venues in Sydney

Sydney is home to many beautiful and lavish outdoor wedding venues, and you are sure to find one that fits the vibe of your perfect wedding vision. Outdoor venues for weddings have a lot of visual appeal because of the vast natural landscape and backdrops that don’t require much enhancement, but it’s easy to mess up the process if you don’t have the right idea. 

If you plan to have your wedding in an outdoor venue and have a lot of space to work with, or if the surroundings are generally disorganized, you may have your work cut out for you. Whether your outdoor venue is a rocky beach, a beautiful botanical garden, a farm field, green plains, or your own backyard, it is critical to understand how to maximize the space and plan the outdoor wedding of your dreams. 

There are no limitations on the aesthetic or theme that can be used to decorate an outdoor wedding in Sydney. Our Sydney wedding experts at Clarence House have put together a comprehensive guide on how to decorate an outdoor venue for wedding of your dreams.

Choosing a location

Selecting the wedding location is the first and most crucial step. When you have the wedding venue in hand, you can start the process of outfitting and decorating it to match your aesthetic and wedding theme.

When choosing the ideal outdoor wedding, there are many factors to take into account, but the most crucial ones to watch out for are security, regulations, accessibility, safety and hygiene, size, and licensing.

Decide on a wedding theme

After selecting a wedding venue, the next step is to decide on a wedding theme. Whether you want a fairy tale wedding, a rustic wedding, or an elegant black tie wedding, you can customize your outdoor wedding venue to match your vision.

All that remains is to ensure that the theme you select does not clash with the overall ambience and appearance of the natural landscape. It is critical that your landscape and the decorative elements of your wedding complement each other.

Floral arrangement

Flowers have been a popular choice for wedding events for years, adding an elegant touch. We couldn’t imagine a wedding or reception without them. Flowers can be used to enhance table centerpieces, aisle and altar decorations, flower arches, flower candelabras, floral runners, and other elements in your outdoor venue. 

Floral arrangements should be creative, with colors that complement the venue’s natural beauty while also adding an ethereal touch. This is certainly an important aspect of decorating your outdoor wedding venues in Sydney.


Adding draperies to your wedding venue, when done correctly, will make the space feel more opulent and fancy while also making the space feel more intimate. By suspending beautiful fabric from pillars or trees, decorating chairs and tables, or creating dramatic aisles and altars with drapes, you can easily add stunning decoration details to your outdoor wedding events.

It can be challenging to select the ideal drape colors for your outdoor wedding.  Everything should be tailored and chosen to fit the aesthetic and theme of your outdoor venue. Drapes will undoubtedly add an ethereal element to your wedding day, whether you place them in your ceremony structure, entranceway, cocktail hour, or reception area.

Lighting & ambiance

The importance of distinctive lighting fixtures cannot be overstated because it is a simple and effective way to completely transform your venue and instantly give your event a luxurious or prestigious appearance. 

For your outdoor wedding event, you could suspend a grand light fixture from a large tree, hang lanterns around tents, and wrap string lights or fairy lights around the branches of trees or pillars. These lights can help them illuminate the venue at night while also adding a fantastical appeal.

Seating arrangements

Because of the variety of seating arrangements available, seating arrangement is an important aspect of making the most of your outdoor wedding venue. One of the most difficult aspects of planning your wedding reception seating arrangement is determining how many guests you will have and how you will fit them into your outdoor venue space.

Lounge areas are a great idea for your outdoor space to keep guests warm and can be used to demarcate the perimeter of an event space, in addition to being practical in many ways. You can arrange your lounge areas however you want, creating a space for your guests to relax and mingle.

There you have it! Decorating your Sydney outdoor wedding venues can be easy and fun when you get help from the right sources. Our wedding planners at Clarence House are always here to help you with tips on how to plan your perfect wedding event.