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Top Floral Arrangement Tips For Your Sydney Wedding

One of the most exciting aspects of wedding planning is picking your wedding flowers, but it’s not as easy as just picking your favorite flowers; you also need to decide how to create the ideal wedding flower arrangement to complement your chosen wedding color scheme. We couldn’t imagine a wedding ceremony without the incorporation of flowers, and floral arrangements have developed over time to be more diverse and stylized.

Wedding floral arrangements can be used in a variety of styles throughout the wedding venue, including table centerpieces, aisle pillars and altars, ceiling, confetti, and, of course, the bridal bouquet. Knowing the ideal floral arrangement for your wedding’s aesthetic and the theme is essential when planning the wedding of your dreams. 

There is always a need for flowers to decorate your space, no matter what type of Sydney wedding you are planning or what type of wedding venue you are using. This is why we have put together a detailed flower arrangement guide that you can use to help you decide what flower arrangement will suit your wedding.

Consider your venue

The venue of the ceremony frequently determines the mood and the ground rules. Your choice of wedding flowers should be heavily influenced by your wedding venue and how your tables will be set up. For instance, places of worship might have stringent guidelines about what a couple can and cannot decorate with flowers, as well as guidelines for how and when flowers need to be taken down after the ceremony.

Discuss the wedding’s theme, guidelines, size, and other details with your florist so that you can create a floral arrangement that is a perfect fit. You can work with the flowers and incorporate them into various aspects of your venue, such as the entryway, altar, and aisle, as well as the floral arch, table centerpieces, and bridal bouquet.

Another thing to consider is how the floral arrangement you choose will affect the venue. You must select flowers with a color palette and style that complements the ambiance, lighting, and overall feel of the wedding venue.

Create a wedding flowers budget

In order to get an idea of how much the florist charges for things like bridal bouquets, centerpieces, flower installations, and other decorative extras and whether they’re a good fit for your needs, it is important to know exactly how much you’re willing to spend on your wedding flowers before moving forward. 

Remember that flower prices can deceive you, especially when you take into account the seasonality and rarity of certain flowers. Don’t forget to compare prices from various vendors before choosing a florist or creating your own wedding floral arrangement. Prices between providers can differ significantly for a number of reasons. 

Get a wedding florist

Hiring a florist is essential if you want expert advice on the layout, color, and cost of flowers. It is crucial to find a trustworthy florist who will listen to your preferences and create an arrangement that perfectly complements your setting, attire, and decorative components.

The florist you decide on should complement your personal style and be knowledgeable about seasonal flowers, which are less expensive and last longer. They should also be able to understand your preferences and suggest color schemes and interesting accessories complement your wedding theme.

Point out where you want the flowers

There are other wedding flower arrangements to take into account in addition to the obvious requirements of bouquets and table centerpieces from boutonnieres, altar arrangements, and aisle markers, to garlands, flower crowns, and more. Working with your florist to decide precisely what’s necessary for your special day and what you might be able to skip will help you make the most of your decor and budget.

If you want more ideas on how to incorporate flowers into your wedding, you can research online to get tips and inspo or ask to see a portfolio from your florist. Pictures of past wedding floral arrangements have a way of bringing new ideas and inspiration. 

Decide on a theme and color palette

When selecting the perfect floral arrangements, consider factors such as wedding venue type, wedding color palette, and symbolism. You should choose flowers that complement the rest of your wedding and fit your personality. Finish your wedding floral arrangements with special embellishments or other blooms that have personal meaning for you and your partner.

Wildflower bouquets, for example, may appear out of place in a formal ballroom, just as tropical, brightly colored flowers may appear out of place in a rustic setting. Large arrangements with copious amounts of greenery or pampas grass, on the other hand, will acquire a romantic, ethereal quality, in contrast to how smaller bunches of classic flowers, such as peonies and roses, instantly conjure a classic appearance.

Flower arrangements are an important part of every wedding celebration and need to be treated with the same importance you give the rest of the wedding planning elements. There are numerous ways to incorporate beautiful flowers into your big day, and our tips will help you find the perfect floral arrangement for your wedding.

Best Inivitation ideas for western sydney wedding venues
Wedding Tips

15 Awesome Wedding Invitation Ideas in 2023

Are you planning a wedding and need some really neat wedding invitation ideas?

Gone are the days of boring, formal wedding invitations. Today, we see a growing trend for unique and innovative wedding invitations ideas. These are invitations that reflect the couple’s style and personality. We’ve searched high and low and brought you 15 interesting wedding card ideas.

1. Gini in a Bottle Invites

A sense of adventure anyone? Special messages in glass bottles. Who can resist? What a special surprise people will have when they unravel the note in the bottle only to find your wedding invitation!

2. Linen and Leather Invites

These invites have a certain old-world charm to them and will definitely set your wedding invitations apart from all others being printed on regular cards and paper.

3. Destination Themed Invites

Are you having a destination wedding? How about matching the invite to the destination? Include elements of the location in the design of your invites.

4. Laser-Cut Wedding Invites

Technology has given us an advantage over how creative we can be with our invites. Say hello to laser-cut invites. These delicate creations are certainly worthy of consideration.

5. Book-Inspired Invites

Do you want to share your story with guests and have a tonne of photos of you two? Consider getting a book-inspired invite put together by a skilled graphic designer.

6. Love Timeline Wedding Invites

If you’re still keen to share your story with invitees but not in picture format consider doing so in a streamlined love timeline printed on the back of your wedding invites.

7. Custom Wood Wedding Invites

Heading to a mountainous destination for your wedding? How about sending out invites carved in wood? Yes, it’ll probably cost you a pretty penny, but these blocks of wood will become great souvenirs for your guests.

8. Pennant Flag Invites

Well, if you’re looking for something a little different how about pennant flag invites? If you met at university or school, you can use this part of your story as the justification of why you chose them!

9. Handkerchief Wedding Invites

Throwing a vintage wedding? Then getting your wedding invitations printed out on handkerchiefs is a neat way to let people know of your upcoming nuptials. It’s practical too because you know, there’ll be lots of tears!

10. Puzzle-Piece Invites

Some couples really just want to stand out and we’ve seen them do this in the form of puzzle-piece invitations. These wedding invitations arrive in a little gift bag which guests have to assemble to read the message.

11. Video E-Vites

If you’re eco-conscious and would rather not send out paper wedding invitations then how about going with e-vites? Not only can these be really cool wedding invitations but thanks to all the software and online graphics you can come up with very creative invitations.

12. Transparent Wedding Invites?

Transparent acrylic invitations have got to be hands down some of the most unique wedding invitations you’ll come across. Sophisticated, chic and stylish they do set you apart from the rest.

13. Caricature Wedding Invitations

Artists Jude and Maya devir have popularised the idea of couple caricature. Find a skilled artist to create cartoon drawings of yourself as a couple and incorporate them into your wedding invitations.

14. Indie Print Wedding Invitations

You’ve got to admit that indie-inspired invites will make awesome wedding invitations. If you’re heading out into the desert for your wedding, then this theme just might be what you’re after.

15. Watercolor Wedding Invites

There is something soothing about a watercolor wedding invitation. It’s warm, inviting, and personal.

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