Traditional Wedding Ceremony Order of Service Guide

Getting Closer to the Big Day and Wondering How to Plan Your Order Of Service Wedding?

The good news is that most wedding ceremonies follow the same generic order. Although each wedding ceremony is unique, elements such as walking down the aisle, exchange of vows and rings, and the long-awaited kiss, are sure to be part of this joyful ceremony. Here are the Tips for order Of Service wedding.

1. The Procession

This is the part where members of your immediate family and wedding party walk down the aisle and take their places. The procession begins with the parents making their entrance, then the bridesmaids and groomsmen, the groom, flower girls, and finally, the bride.

2. Welcome Remarks

When everyone is in their place, the marriage officiant then shares a few words of welcome. The officiant may thank the guests for being witnesses to your union, as well as welcome everyone to the event.

3. Opening Remarks and Introduction

The officiant will give an introduction and share the significance of marriage. He or she may take this opportunity to give a brief recount of your love story and emphasize the importance of the marriage vows you are about to take as a couple.

4. Readings

If your ceremony includes readings, a few people will be invited up to share a few words. Your wedding officiant may introduce each reading and reader or you may choose to let the readers flow naturally.

5. Exchange of Vows

The two of you face each other and exchange vows. You may choose to write and recite your own vows or use traditional phrasing. At this point, you also place rings on each other’s fingers to symbolize your marriage and the officiant pronounces you husband and wife.

6. The Kiss

Next comes the moment everyone has been waiting for, sealing your marriage with a kiss!

7. Unity Ceremony

At this stage, some couples choose to have a unity ceremony. Here, the couple performs something that physically symbolizes their new union, like the mixing of two different colors of sand or water or lighting a candle.

8. Final Blessings

The officiant will wrap up the ceremony with a few closing words. For a religious ceremony, the couple is prayed for.

9. The Recessional

The married couple is introduced by the officiant. Then, the bride and groom are the first to exit the ceremony, followed by the wedding party and finally the guests.

Hope You got all points that you want to know about the order of Service wedding.

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