3 Most Popular Wedding Menu Styles for 2019

Are You Wondering What You Should Serve at Your Wedding?

Food is a very political matter. The type of food you serve can either make or break your wedding. Unhappy guests make terrible wedding guests. While we know you’ll do everything in your power to please them, we need you to remember that it’s your wedding. And your wedding means your wedding rules. If you want a buffet-style food plan instead of a traditional sit-down one then so be it.
If you’re still not sure which food or menu style you should serve, here are 3 popular wedding menu styles that you can never go wrong with.

Wedding Menu Styles

1. Buffet Style Wedding Menu

Buffets involve tables set up in a separate location loaded with all your food. Guests line up and fill up their plate as they progress up the table. Buffets are great in that they allow your guests to try new food. They also mean that people don’t have to wait for others to finish eating before they can go for the second round of food!
Buffets are worth considering if you want to include a whole lot more food in smaller portions. So say you have several soups, main courses and desserts you can’t choose between and want to serve all of them. Buffets will offer you the chance to serve and delight your guests with all these delicacies.

2. Traditional Sit-Down Wedding Menu

If you’re looking for a more intimate get-together and lots of laughter at the table then consider having a traditional sitdown wedding menu. Such a meal option involves having food placed on platters laid out in the middle of the long table where everyone will sit around.
Think of a long family table, with food laid out in the middle and everyone sitting around the table. This type of setting requires quite a handful of waiting staff to refill empty wine glasses and replace empty platters.
It’s worth noting that this type of food option is often costly as it’s difficult to estimate how much your guests will eat. Your caterer will end up buying a lot more portions and this is all placed on your budget.

Popular Wedding Menu Styles 2019

3. Cocktail Style Wedding Menu

If you’re not fussy about food, then you might want to think about a cocktail style service. This is a stand-up affair with no formal seated guests. It’s a great option if you think your type of guests would prefer roaming around and picking up finger food when they’re hungry. Cocktails are also fantastic if you’ve got a caterer who can come up with creative finger foods.
What’s difficult about planning for this menu is trying to figure out how much the cost per person for a plate of food amounts too.

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