4 Ways Couple Includes Parents in Their Wedding

Do You Want to Know How to Ensure Your Parents Are Not Left Out at Your Wedding?

Involving your parents or in-laws at your wedding is a noble idea, especially if you have a good relationship with them. It will not only be a special memorable day that you can reflect on but a special day for them to remember and cherish too. Here are ways that wedding couples can use to involve their parents.

1. Escorting the Bride Down the Aisle

It is now becoming popular that the bride’s father escorts his daughter down the aisle during the ceremony, after which, both parents stand together to give their blessing. Having both parents involved means that they can share that special moment together. If you want both parents to be even more involved, you can also have them walk you down the aisle together.

2. Giving Grooms Away

It should not only be the bride’s parents who are involved in the day. The grooms’ parents should also feel that both they and their son are treated as important as the bride and her parents. If the groom’s parents are agreeable, they too can escort their son as he takes his position and waits at the altar for his bride, or fellow groom, to come down the aisle.

3. Meeting of Same-Sex Couples at the Altar

In same-sex weddings, parents can also be involved. The couples get very excited and even emotional when they realize that all their parents are supporting them. When the parents are involved, the couple can choose to walk down the aisle together, alone or with their parents, before their parents give them their blessing and support. Where there are two aisles, each member of a couple can walk from separate sides with their parents, before meeting in the middle or at the altar.

4. Both Parents Giving Their Blessing

Involving parents in your wedding does not only end with walking down the aisle. Parents from both sides can also stand with their daughter and son to give them their blessing. They can say some special words to the couple and even pledge that they are taking the new bride or groom as their future daughter or son-in-law. Hearing the words of love and blessing from the parents is very memorable and helps bond parental relationships. This idea can also be tailored for stepparents, children, grandparents or anyone considered special by the couple.

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