7 Wedding Gift Ideas for Every Kind of Couple

Should You Gift Appliances, Linen, or a Set of Dinnerware?

Finding the right gift for a couple about to get married can be tricky, especially if they haven’t sent a gift registry with the invitation cards. However, not to worry if you’re in this pickle, here are our ultimate 7 wedding gift ideas that are guaranteed to help you figure out the best gift for any couple.

1. For Couples That Love to Travel

Do you know if the couple loves to travel, or plan on going abroad for their honeymoon? Practical gifts such as suitcases can come in handy, buy a matching set of two. Other cool and handy things that are ideal for wander lusting couples include portable Wi-Fi Hotspot generators, power banks, travel drones, water purifier bottles, video recording sunglasses, and there’s nothing quite like a portable cocktail kit!

2. For Couples That Are Moving into a New House

Setting up a new home can be a nightmare! There is so much that’s needed, from the kitchen and household appliances to towels and linens, cups, plates, spoons, you name it, every single item that is used on a daily basis. If you intend on purchasing bigger appliances such as fridges, or microwaves, you may want to check with the couple first if they haven’t already made arrangements to purchase these themselves.

3. For Romantic Couples

All couples are romantic, but there are some couples that make the rest of us look bad (cheers to you guys!) We’re talking couples that have regular date nights and actually dress up, do random things like taking walks on the beach at night, those kinds of couples. As they enter marriage, you want them to foster this and not give up, so why not help them out, and gift them movie gift cards and meal cards so they keep the date nights alive.

4. For the Party Animals!

We all know of (or have heard about these couples!) You know the ones we’re talking about – the ones who party into the early hours of the morning. Well, let’s encourage them to party at home now that they’ll be getting married. Purchase several good bottles of wine and help them stock their cellar.

5. For Couples That Love Food

There’s nothing like a good recipe book for newlyweds. If you’ve been married a few years yourself and have a trusted copy that you swear by, then consider buying a copy and gifting the new couple. Inspire the Julia Child in them!

6. For Couples That Love Taking Selfies

You know that couple that’s always posting snaps of themselves to social media. Great gift ideas could be photo albums, instant cameras, sophisticated cameras, and camera equipment. You can also help them develop their pictures by giving them a gift card for a camera shop.

7. For the Ambiguous Couple

There are some couples you might not know too well and are a bit ambiguous. For these soon-to-be-married folks, it might be best to simply get them a multitude of gift cards for different places so they’ll be able to pick and choose what they truly need for their new life together.

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