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5 Wedding Style Ideas For 2019 – Clarence House

Are You Looking for Style Inspiration for Your Upcoming Wedding?

Clarence House has hosted scores of weddings and we’ve seen some truly amazing styles over the years. Some styles have come and gone, while others seem to have lingered on and have been adopted by soon-to-be-married couples. Here is a look at our top 5 wedding style ideas for 2019.

1. Suspended Pendant Bulbs

We don’t have to emphasize the importance of good lighting for your wedding. Lighting makes all the difference and can help set the tone and create the mood for your reception. If you’re looking for unique accent lights for your wedding then look no further than suspended pendant bulbs. These can be placed in strategic places to create the desired effect such as over the high table, over the statement cake, or even over your dance floor.

2. Mirror and Glass Tables

Mirror and glass tables anyone? Who needs table linen when you can get awesome mirror and glass tables for your wedding reception hall? Not only is this table setup budget-friendly but it also looks chic and adds instant glam to your event. You can also go very minimalist with the table centrepieces because the glass and mirror finish is bold enough.


3. Opt for Banquet Tables

Here at Clarence House, the most popular reception tables over the years have been the circular ones. However, it appears that people are changing. Banquet tables are now in and all the rage. Banquet tables, when arranged properly, can be really attractive, think state dinners or royal banquets! They really do have a way of adding charm and sophistication to any event.

4. Floral Colours Galore!

Gone are the wedding seasons where couples opted for muted and toned down colours. Bright flowery colours are back in fashion! And this season’s must-have hues are gold, pink and peach, and we can see why. These three colours when combined create a soft and ethereal look. Forget the all-white or red flower centrepieces.

5. Bring Out the Balloons!

Did someone say balloons? Yes, balloons are such a great décor accessory because you can do so much with them. You can float them over your dance floor; you can create monograms of your initials, and ceremony backdrops as well. If you have large open spaces at your wedding reception venue that could do with some décor, but flower walls are too expensive, why not opt for balloon backdrops?

Discuss These Style Tips and More with Our Clarence House Gurus

Clarence House boasts two world-class wedding reception venues worth touring. If you’re in the hunt for wedding venues in Sydney, book an appointment with us today. You can call us and talk to one of our friendly staff members on (02) 9750 3555 or (02) 9789 1662 or send us an email at [email protected]
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Wedding Tips

Guide for 2019 – Where to Spend Your Wedding Styling Budget

Your wedding should reflect your style, whatever that may be. This should come out in your décor, your overall theme, and your choice of venue. We’ve hosted a significant number of weddings in our three decades of existence as Clarence House, and today we bring you our insider tips on where and how to get the best bang for your wedding styling budget.

1. Choose a Suitable Venue

Your venue sets the tone for the rest of your wedding. A good venue reduces the need for too much décor. A venue with stunning scenery, walls, chandeliers and rooms don’t need to be excessively decorated – allowing you to spend those décor dollars on other more important things such as hiring quality linen. And speaking of linen…

2. Hire Quality Table Line

There is nothing like good old fashioned quality table linen. Explore your linen options, and choose colours that complement and suit your overall wedding theme. Are you going for a rustic theme or a romantic theme? You might want to take a look at choosing colours that highlight and support your theme.

3. Ensure You Have the Right Type of Lighting

Lighting is significant because it helps to set the ambience of a place. Appropriate lighting is needed to ensure that any photographs taken indoors will come out looking good. There are different kinds of lighting available, and each one plays a different role. Ambient or general lighting is needful as it allows you to see what’s in the room and comes in the form of chandeliers and ceiling lamps.


Accent lighting is designed to focus people’s attention to a particular focal point in the room. If you want your guests to focus on something important, say the statement cake you’ve ordered, your dance floor, or indeed anything else, you might want to ask your venue if they provide these accent lights.

4. Fake It Where You Can’t Make It!

If you’re on a tight budget, this tip just might help you breathe a little. We all know that wedding flowers can be expensive right? Well, what if we told you that there are ways to incorporate artificial flowers in your flower arrangements that will save you a fortune. Yes, get an expert florist who can craft stunning flower walls that combine real flowers and artificial ones. You can have these integrated flower arrangements in areas with low lighting or out-of-the-way places like stairwells to avoid guests noticing.

5. Splurge on Your Cutlery and Crockery

A good wedding reception venue, quality linen, and crockery will win you bonus points, even if your décor is minimalist. This is one of our top tips when deciding where to spend your styling dollars. You don’t want guests eating good food out of cheap glassware, cutlery, and crockery do you? So this means your high table, and all respective guest tables should feature good cutlery and crockery. Trust us with this one, you’ll thank us later.

Discuss These Style Tips and More with Our Clarence House Gurus

Clarence House boasts two world-class wedding reception venues Sydney worth touring. If you’re in the hunt for a wedding venue, book an appointment with us today. You can call us and talk to one of our friendly staff members on (02) 9750 3555 or (02) 9789 1662 or send us an email at [email protected]