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What Size Wedding Venue Do I Need?

A lot of couples that have gone through the process of planning a wedding have come to realize that the venue you have your heart set on might not be the one that you finally end up using for your wedding. Do you ask why this is so? Well, when it comes to wedding venues, size matters! Before you start looking at venues, you need to have a rough idea of how many guests you will have. This will narrow down your choices and make it easier for you to choose a wedding venue.

At Clarence House, we have been in the wedding business for a long time and have hosted weddings of all sizes. So, if you are looking for a world-class wedding venue in Sydney, give us a ring. Below are some top tips to help you decide what size wedding venue to book for your wedding.

1. Draw up a provisional guest list

Before you start looking at spaces, you need to have a guest list written down. This does not have to be set in stone but it will help you gauge how many guests you will have on the day. After you have a tentative estimate of the number of guests that you will have at the wedding, you can then look for a wedding venue that will suit your wedding size.

2. Bigger is not always better

Yes, we previously stated that size matters when it comes to wedding venues, but to clarify that statement, bigger is not always better. You need to get a wedding venue that is the perfect match for your wedding size. Having few guests at a wedding venue that is too big will make it lose its intimacy and change the atmosphere of the wedding. So, it is important that you get a wedding venue that is just right for your wedding size.

3. Consider everything that will be involved

Are you planning to have children at your wedding? Will your entertainment include a live band or any act that will need space to set up? How formal is your wedding setup going to be? Having answers to all of these questions will help you decide on the amount of space that you will need to have. When you finally start viewing wedding spaces, you will have a better idea of how big space you need for your wedding needs to be.

There is a reason why we are one of Sydney’s best wedding reception venues. Our team has a wealth of experience hosting weddings for many couples. Contact us today and you can be one step closer to having the wedding of your dreams.

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Wedding Venues

How To Determine The Right Venue Size For Your Wedding

Whilst planning a wedding can sweep you up in all the pomp and fan fair, there are quite a few decisions that will show you just how much work is required as well. Yes, weddings are magical events where the atmosphere is full of joy and love. However, they are also incredibly complicated and stressful to plan. They’ll require you to remain organized and to make all the right decisions if you’d like your big day to go off without a hitch.

In this blog, we are going to walk you through one of these important decisions and help you ensure that you make the right choice during the wedding planning process. This decision is your wedding venue size. Unlike a few other choices that are simply there for the fluff, and can ultimately be defined as non-consequential (such as the printing on your napkins), your choice of venue size will affect everything that will happen on your big day. For this reason, it is very important to make sure that by the time you settle on your ideal venue, you’ve gotten this decision right.

Below, we are going to outline a few of the key things that you should think about when determining what exactly the optimum wedding venue size is for you.

1. Your Budget

One of the main things that you’ll need to consider when contemplating venue sizes is your budget. It goes without saying that smaller venues are often cheaper. In addition, the more heads you have at your wedding, the more money you’ll need to spend on meals for each guest. For these reasons, you’ll find that once you define your budget and put aside money for your venue, you’ll be able to more clearly estimate the optimum venue size for you.

2. Your Preferred Venue Type

Next, you’ll want to consider your preferences and think about where you’d actually like to get married. Different venue types (due to their unique characteristics) automatically come with size limitations. For this reason, you’ll see that if your preferred venue is a beachfront location, hosting 200+ may not actually be possible. In this example, a grand hall or church venue would be way more likely to match those numbers.

3. Your Guest List

And finally, you’ll need to consider your guest list. This is arguably the most significant element that will determine your venue size. If you’re planning on inviting lots of people, you’ll need a larger venue that will be able to accommodate all of those people. However, if your guest list is smaller, a larger venue would simply be a waste of space. So, in that case, you’d be able to opt for a smaller venue.

Here at Clarence House, we’d love to help you find the right wedding venue for you. Reach out to us if you have any more questions, and we’ll be the helping hand that you’ll need to guide you closer toward your dream wedding.

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How To Short List Wedding Venues

Everything has to start somewhere. And for most weddings, the very first decision that a couple will have to make is to choose a venue. However, this decision is rarely as easy as choosing a random church within your local area, that is if you are hoping to make preparations for the wedding of your dreams. In addition, there are also quite a few factors that you’ll need to think about when determining which venue would be perfect for your big day.

In this blog, we are going to walk you through how to shortlist wedding venue options. The very first thing that you’ll need to do is to have a frank conversation with your spouse and use this opportunity to narrow down your options. Such a conversation is an effective option that will help both you and your partner come up with a shortlist fast. Below, we are going to walk you through these considerations and show you how they can help you narrow down you’re shortlisted potential venues.

1. Talk about Preferences

Some people are born loving the beach or the park. Whereas others will tell you that they’ve dreamt of big Grande halls and beautiful churches since they were two years old. As such, the very first thing that you’ll need to determine is what exactly both you and your partner’s preferences are. Talking about your preferences could help you narrow down on a particular type of venue (e.g. garden venue, or church) that you’d both love to get married in. In addition, cutting out all the wedding venue types that you wouldn’t be caught dead in could also help.

2. Talk about Your Budget

Another important factor that you’ll need to consider is your wedding budget. The money that you have available to rent out your wedding venue will directly affect your options. For this reason, it’s important to have this conversation at the very beginning, so that you don’t wind up considering venue options that are outside of your price range.

3. Consider Location and Size

Next, you’ll want to consider your venue’s desired location and the size of the guest list. Do you want your venue to be a destination wedding, or do you want it to be hosted within your local area? Are you planning on inviting all your friends and family (200 people+), or will your guest list be smaller and a lot more intimate. These are all things that you need to think about when narrowing down venue options.

The decisions that you make above will help you narrow down your shortlist, which will go a long way in directing you to the optimum venue.

If you have more questions that need answering, reach out to us today. At Clarence House, we love helping couples all over Sydney turn their weddings into truly magical events.