How to Plan a Memorable Wedding Welcome Party

Are you planning on hosting a wedding welcome party and have no clue on how to stage a successful one?
A welcome party is one of the pre-wedding events that can take many forms. Although it may not be mandatory, it is definitely beneficial, especially when planning a destination wedding, have a lot of out-of-town guests or have different friends and families coming together for the first time. Here are the steps to follow on how to plan a great and memorable wedding welcome party.

1. Set the budget

The first step in planning a wedding welcome party is to set out your budget and stick to it. You are very likely to foot the bill for the event, so work within what you can afford. Try not to overdo the decor or menu, as the event really about brings together family and friends.

2. Pick a date

Try to host your wedding welcome party a day or two before your big day. It can be held directly after a rehearsal dinner, which is usually limited to family members and the wedding party. If you choose this option, you might have your cocktail at the same restaurant as the rehearsal dinner or a nearby venue.  

3. Prepare a list of guests

You can invite all of your guests to the welcome party so that no one feels left out. However, if you are hosting your wedding near your home, you can cut down your guest list. If you want to save on money as well, you may just stick to your wedding party, family members and out-of-town guests.

4. Choose a location

It is best to select a venue close to where your guests are staying (or even the place) so that it is easily accessible for your guests. It is advisable to find a venue that already has some built-in décor, with chairs and tables for guests to be comfortable

5. Send out invitations

If you plan this well in advance, you can simply add an enclosure about your wedding welcome party in the wedding invitation cards. Otherwise, an event will also work.

6. Plan your menu

Keep in mind that your goal is for your guests to easily mix and mingle, as you plan your menu. A few light bites or sweets for a dessert and drinks should do the trick. Note that if your wedding welcome party is right after the rehearsal dinner, you may forego the food altogether.

7. Prepare a toast

Once your guests have all gathered, it is time to welcome them. Prepare a short speech to thank them for coming. Then after the toast, you can mix, mingle and enjoy the party.

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