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Do you want to know more about some wedding traditions?

From the wedding ring to tossing the bouquet to a group of hopefuls, wedding customs are still so popular today that even the most non-traditional brides happily take part. Most of these customs actually date back to ancient times and different cultures have created their own wedding customs. Here are some wedding traditions you can adapt to your special day.

1. The Wedding Ring

Since the circle does not have a starting point or end, the rings are considered as symbols of eternity. The fourth finger was thought to contain the vein that connects to the heart.

2. The Bridal Shower

Bridal showers date from the 1890s and were carried out to strengthen the ties between the bride and her friends. They were also meant to provide moral support and help the bride prepare for her married life.

3. The Wedding Cake

Made from wheat, cakes were originally thrown at the bride or broken over her head as a symbol of fertility and prosperity. In today’s times, wedding cakes are just cut and served.

4. The Best Man

Dating back to around 200 AD, in some parts of Europe, a prospective bridegroom would capture his bride from a neighboring village. He was accompanied by his strongest friend (or best friend), to help him capture the bride.

5. The Garter and Bridal Bouquet Toss

This fun wedding tradition dates back to the 14th century when wedding attendees wanted a piece of cloth or garter from the bride. To protect herself, the bride would toss her bouquet into the crowd. The responsibility of tossing the garter is now to the groom.

6. The Bridal Bouquet

Originally, the bridal bouquet was made out of aromatic bunches of garlic, herbs and spices thought to drive away evil spirits. This has been replaced by flowers that carry special meanings in different cultures around the world.

7. Bridesmaids

In Ancient Rome, bridesmaids at a wedding were meant to protect the bride. Originally, the bridesmaids wore the same dress as the bride which was believed to confuse bad spirits.

8. Rice Throwing

The practice of throwing rice at a wedding is thought to symbolize showering the couple with good fortune. Nowadays rice is being replaced by alternatives such as confetti, bubbles, and sparklers.

9. Groomsmen

The tradition of having groomsmen as part of the wedding comes from the ancient tradition of kidnapping the bride, where fellow friends helped preventing the bride’s family from finding the couple.

10. Gift registry

The gift or bridal registry was originally a way for the couple to choose their fine china and silver for their big day. This has now been popularized to include wedding gifts for the couple.

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