Know What Happens at a Wedding Reception

Are You Wondering How You Can Schedule Your Reception?

Although they may be some formalities, like cutting the cake and throwing the bouquet, the main point of the reception is to party. The reception adds to the good memories of a wedding. It is therefore important to plan and know in advance what to expect. Here is what typically happens at a wedding reception.

2. The Arrival of Guests at the Reception

After the wedding ceremony, the couple, bridal party, parents and close family members usually take their pictures at a different location while the guests get to the reception. You need to work with your DJ and wedding reception venue manager to determine the best order of events. As the guests arrive, they are welcomed with a drink and some snacks and are shown their seating arrangement. A gift table is also available for guests to place their wedding gifts.

3. The Arrival of the Bride and Groom

Most people hire a DJ who creates the perfect ambiance for the venue and the couple’s entrance. The entrance of the couple and their bridal party to the reception is announced and they can go ahead and take their seats at the head table.

4. Time for Speeches

The master of the ceremony begins by welcoming everyone and toasting the bride and groom. He then invites the best man to thank the bridal team and shares a bit about the bride and groom. The bride’s father also makes his speech followed by the groom.

5. Food is Served

The wedding party is usually served first, then the rest of the guests. If a buffet is served, there should be someone to direct the guests to the meal to maintain order. However, many couples choose to have the food served at the table.

6. Dance Floor Opens

After the meal, the bride and groom have their first dance to a song of their choice. Their parents then join in, followed by the bridal party. The floor is now open for everyone to come and have fun. During this time, the bride and groom may also choose to toss the bouquet and throw the garter.

7. Cutting of the Cake

The couple cuts the wedding cake together and feeds each other, and then the flower girls hand out to the cake to the guests.

8. Goodbye Song

As this song plays, the couple moves from seat to seat, thanking each and every guest. The couple leaves to a hotel and then takes off to their honeymoon destination. The guests may choose to dance or may start leaving too.

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