Complete List of Macedonian Wedding Traditions & Customs

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Are you wondering what a Macedonian wedding would look like?

Macedonian wedding celebrations involve a lot of rituals and customs and last for days, which can become a true endurance and patience test for everyone. Despite this, Macedonian weddings in Australia are a delight to watch as they are filled with lots of love, laughter, joy, singing, dancing, and food, creating lovely memories to be cherished always. Here is a complete list of Macedonian wedding traditions to help you know what to expect at a Macedonian wedding.

1. Shaving

The shaving of the groom by the best man is one of the common Macedonian wedding customs that take place on the morning of the wedding day. It is a symbol of the separation of the groom with his family.

2. Buying of the Bride

One of the older Macedonian wedding customs still followed is the buying of the bride. Groomsmen come to the brides’ house and barter with the brides’ family until an agreed-upon price can be arranged.

3. Breaking the Bread

Traditionally a young unmarried girl from the bride’s family bakes a round loaf of bread. At the wedding reception, the godfather of the bride or groom breaks the bread over the heads of the married couple for happiness in their married life.

4. Macedonian Orthodox Ceremony

A Macedonian wedding ceremony is conducted in an orthodox custom that has a deep meaning. The bride and groom are made to wear grand gold crowns that are tied together using a ribbon.

5. Drinking of Red Wine

The groom drinks wine in the house of the bride which is served in a glass with a golden coin on the bottom. This golden coin is kept by the groom as a symbol of prosperity.

6. Filling Shoes with Money

The bride’s shoes, which are one size bigger are brought by her brother-in-law. He then filled them with money so that they fit the feet of the bride.

7. Dumping a Bowl or Glass of Water

Before leaving for a Macedonian wedding ceremony, the bride deliberately kicks over a glass or bowl filled with water to symbolize a life that flows as smoothly as water.

8. Singing and Dancing

Besides food, singing and dancing is one thing that you are guaranteed to find in excess at a Macedonian wedding. The festivities usually commence on the eve of the wedding or even earlier and include the ‘oro’ and ‘pig’ dances.

9. Macedonian Flag

As the groom’s family arrives on horses in front of the bride’s house, the Macedonian flag brought is hung by the window by someone from the bride’s family.

10. Sweet Bread-Like Cake

The day before the wedding, koluk, the traditional wedding cake, which is a large, sweet, bread-like, yeast-cake, about two feet in diameter is made.

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