Wishes for Bride and Groom on a Wedding Day

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Are you still trying to figure out what to write on a wedding card?

The wishes for the bride and groom are sent through cards on their wedding day. Wedding wishes can vary depending on whether the bride or groom is your family member, friend or co-worker. A great wedding message should be sentimental, sweet and tailored to the couple. Here is a guide, with specific examples, on wishes for the bride and groom on a wedding day.
You can use the theme of the ceremony to express your happiness for the bride and groom. For example, you can write: “Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be part of this wonderful day. Wishing you all the best in life as you embark on this wonderful journey together.”

2. Casual wedding wishes

It is acceptable to write a more casual wedding message in the card, regardless of who the recipient is. You can keep your wishes short and sweet, like “Best wishes!” or “Congratulations on your wedding!”

3. Funny wedding wishes

You can also write a funny message on the card that you think will make the couple laugh, as long as there are no offending jokes. Examples are “Be super good to each other” or “Thanks for inviting us to join in the fun as you get married. Big congrats!”

4. Religious wedding wishes

Religious wedding wishes include God and quote scripture. Consider the couple’s beliefs and practices and customize their message. Christian examples can be: “Love is patient. Love is kind. Love never fails. 1 Corinthians 13:4-13” or “Congratulations on your wedding! May God bless you and your union.”

5. Wedding wishes for a family member

You can choose to go general or very personal depending on how close you are to the family member. You can write: “Best wishes on your union and a warm welcome to the family!” or “Great addition to our family. I am so happy to celebrate with you. Hearty congratulations!”

6. Wedding wishes to a friend

You can choose a wedding wish for your friend based on how funny, serious or personal your relationship has been. You can write: “In all the times that we have known each other, this is a great joy to be part of your wedding celebration. You deserve the best love with your new (husband/wife).”

7. Wedding wishes to a co-worker

For your co-worker, you can go with the general wording, for example: “Congratulations on your wedding! Now, when you are on your honeymoon, do not even worry about work!”

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