How Far in Advance Do You Book a Wedding Venue

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Given there are times when it’s an emergency and a couple has to rush a wedding. Perhaps a parent is dying or sick from a terminal illness. In that case, you can book as soon as you’ve found the venue that fits your budget. However, for those with more time who would like to compare different venues, it’s always a wise idea to set down a deposit nine months to a year before your big day. Here is how far in advance do you book a wedding venue.

Booking your venue does one of several things:

1. Sets the entire plan in motion

Once you’ve got your wedding venue secured you can now get the wedding invitation cards printed and delivered to your guests. Booking the venue makes it official. It means you’ve got a date, and a place to say your ‘I do’s’. This sets everything else in motion.

2. Takes off some of the wedding planning pressure

Wedding planning is no easy task. In fact, many couples admit that they never imagined how stressful planning a wedding could be. Most wedding stress can be associated with the cost of the wedding itself.
A lot of couples feel overwhelmed when they see that they’re likely going to have to spend more than they originally budgeted. The average Aussie wedding is estimated to cost $32,000 – an entire $10,000 more than most people’s initial budget. With the venue secured, however, a lot of couples can breathe more freely.
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3. It helps you figure out what else you need (and can afford!)

It’s no secret that the biggest amount of your wedding budget is undoubtedly going to go to secure your wedding venue. In New South Wales, you can expect to part with at least $15,503 for a decent wedding reception venue. With the venue sorted, however, you’ll be able to see what else you need to pay for. This might be your wedding planner, your wedding hire, your dress, and cake.

4. Keeps you on time

Once you have your date and your venue booked, you’ll be kept to a timeline. Everything else will have to fall into place as the countdown begins. Booking early is also advantageous in that you get the date you want. A lot of couples miss the timing because they take too long to secure their desired venue. Venues fill up fast, so the sooner you can put down a deposit the better.
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