Best Engagement Reception Venues to Book in Sydney

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If you’ve been on the internet searching for engagement venues Sydney or engagement reception venues Sydney or a phrase that’s even close to that the answer is you have landed on the correct page. Welcome to Clarence House!

The general consensus amongst young couples when searching for an engagement venue in Sydney is basically one that offers the types of packages that they’re looking for.

In regards to the location of the venue, this is one that’s ideally important as the majority of couples have to factor in the distance of travel for their family members and guests, this is a key point when it comes to the convenience factor.

Other factors that come into play, how many guests are you looking to invite is it going to be a large engagement party or is it going to be a small intimate boutique-style event.

The great news is that Clarence house is widely renown for having one of the most intimate and stylish wedding venues from its vast array of Chic decor,  and yet romantic lighting we guarantee that from the moment you walk through the door your heart will start racing and you’ll be lost for words,  we can guarantee this, trust us happens all the time!

Clarence House has a wide variety of packages to suit budget and all requirements when it comes to dietary requirements, placing of the tables,  the location of the DJ and the band and accommodating The Master of Ceremonies as well.

We work tirelessly with our couples to make sure there are no hidden surprises along the way because the last thing you want when planning an engagement party is issues to arise that will slow down the process.

We understand when looking for the perfect wedding venue to have an engagement party can be a very difficult one as you gotta remember there are always two sides to every choice that being the bride’s choice and the groom’s choice.

Taking all those things into consideration Clarence house offers a seamless and pain-free selection process regarding our exclusive packages that we have to offer.

Some key points to look at when organizing an engagement party

  • How many people are we inviting to the event
  • Is the engagement party going to be a mini wedding

These two points are practically the most important because only then you’ll be able to determine which venue to choose The Victorian for a more boutique intimate event for a smaller number of guests. Or the brand new The Lemnos, which is both boutique and chic and larger to accommodate a bigger guest list.

In conclusion, whether you’ve been on the Internet for hours searching for outdoor engagement reception venues Sydney, elegant engagement reception venue, boutique engagement reception venues Sydney and so forth the simple answer is if you have ever been too Clarence house you would know the experience is just simply different and welcome your inquiry with us!