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How Long Does It Take To Plan A Wedding

At the best of times, planning your dream wedding is a tremendous feat that requires hard work, dedication, self-control, and organization; for these reasons, it’s bound to take quite a while. However, not everyone’s expected planning timeline is the same. This is mainly because most people lead different lives and are planning their wedding under differing circumstances. For example: If you are fully employed and working a 9 to 5 job, you cannot expect that it will take you the same amount of time to plan your wedding as your friend or neighbour who only works 10 hours a week. So because of these differences and varied factors, it’s important to determine how long it will take “you” to plan your wedding, independent of everyone else.

In this blog, we are going to talk about some of the things that you need to consider in order to determine how long it will take you to plan your wedding. So without further ague, let’s get right into it…

1. What career do you have and what lifestyle

The very first thing that you need to be conscious of when you and your spouse start trying to determine just how long the entire wedding planning process will take (so you can plan out how much time you’ll need to dedicate to said preparation, set a date and determine when to book your venue, your caterer, your cake, etc. and so much more), is your combined lifestyles. What exactly are your careers? How many hours do you spend working? Do either of you have very much free time? All of these questions will help you construct a pretty accurate timeline for your wedding preparations.

For example, if you are fully employed and have very little time to dedicate to wedding planning, it would be advisable to begin said preparations at least half a year in advance. However, if you find that you have a lot more free time on your hands and are willing to put in the work, it may be possible to get everything done within a few months, if not weeks.

2. What are your wedding dreams and desires

Sometimes, the answer to this question can tell you how long it will take to plan your wedding whether you like it or not. Your dreams and desires for your wedding, as well as how flexible you are with these things, will directly impact your timeline. For example, if you have a venue that you’ve always dreamed of hosting your wedding at and this venue must be booked 12 months+ in advance (which a large chunk of the most demanded venues often are), you’ll already have you answer.

Why spend months worry, stressing, and slaving over every single detail of your wedding day when you can have an expert take on that burden for you. Here at Clarence House, we have a full team of wedding professionals that would be happy to help you plan out your big day, and that will cover all your needs and desires, so you won’t have to worry about lifting a finger to make your wedding dreams a reality.

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Wedding Planning

2 Clever Ways To Plan A Wedding On A Budget

Have you dreamt about your wedding since you were a child? Maybe you envisioned a beautiful arch laced with intricate patterns of white and pink roses in a large church or grande hall. Or maybe you dreamt of the perfect ceremony held on the beach as the sun sets while your lover says, “I do”. Whatever your dream, the very first step that you must take in order to make it a reality is to evaluate your finances and set a realistic budget.

Sorting out the budget is one of the most important things that any newly engaged couple must do. The budget plays a massive role in a wedding as it’s money you have to spend and that will affect all the major decisions that you’ll have to make when it comes to planning your wedding. Your venue will need to pay in advance. Your caterer will need their deposit. Your wedding dress will need to be purchased. Your cake will need to be ordered… and so much more. For these reasons, it is very important to spend some time determining how much you’ll be able to spend in order to get everything prepared for your big day. Avoiding this could result in your wedding purchases and payments putting you in debt, which no one wants.

However, setting a budget can also have adverse effects. Many couples sometimes find that their hopes can be halted if their budget does not comply. For this reason, you may see that the funds you have available may not allow you to make each and every single one of your dreams a reality.

Be that as it may, there are a few clever methods that you can use in order to build your dream big day while on a budget. Read on to learn a little more about these options.

1. Make Defined Priorities

The very first tip that we have for you is to make defined priorities. When you’re planning a wedding whilst on a budget, it is very important to prioritize the most important elements and give those the largest fractions of your budget. These key elements include your venue, caterer, décor, cake, and clothing options. Instead of spending money on smaller less important details, such as professional wedding invitations, you should focus your spending on the elements above. Once these things have been taken care of you’ll then be able to host a beautiful wedding.

2. Consider Reducing The Size of Your Guest List

Another clever option, if you’d like to host a premier wedding whilst on a budget, is to reduce the size of your guest list. Most weddings tend to become very expensive because couples find themselves having to caterer for 200 people. This will then mean selecting a more expensive venue that has a larger capacity as well as paying for 200 peoples’ meals.

However, if you choose to limit your guest list to only your closest Clare friends and family members, you’ll find that quite a lot of funds will open up for better spending.

Here at Clarence House, we are experts when it comes to planning beautiful weddings whilst on a budget. If you’d like some help getting your funds in order, or you’d prefer a wedding planner who’s able to help you plan a dream wedding whilst on a budget, reach out to us today!

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Wedding Planning

Upcoming Wedding Trends For 2021

Since time began and couples started getting married thousands of years ago, weddings have been very important events in many peoples lives. They herald the dawn of a new age for most couples as vows are exchanged and marital commitments are made. However, though the purpose of the event has remained the same over time (and probably will remain the same for centuries to come), weddings themselves have evolved. As new trends emerge, many couples have seen themselves opting out of the most traditional choices, in favour or a wedding that is a little more unique and glamourous.

In this blog, we are going to list a few of those emerging wedding trends that are taking 2021 by storm. These wedding concepts and ideas have been made popular due to their lavish and glamorous styles. Therefore, if you’re looking to plan an event that will stun all of your guests while maintaining all of the elements you envision when you picture your dream wedding, they would be great options to consider.

1. Outdoor Venues

Outdoor venues are wedding trends that have really take off in recent years. However, they have never been as big as they are now in 2021. Many people have begun to find themselves branching away from the conventional grand hall and church setting venue types in favour of a slew of more illustrious options. Wedding ceremonies that are located in beautiful botanical gardens or on beach fronts have really begun to take off.

These venue types are often a great option for you to consider because they provide a setting that is a little more intimate for you to say, “I do”.

2. Micro-weddings

Micro-weddings are also a new trend that is predicted to really take off in 2021. These are smaller sized weddings that have guest lists limited to 20 people. To learn more about micro-weddings, click HERE. These types of weddings are often favoured because, due to the limited number of guests, they allow couples to plan more extravagant events while on a budget. In addition, they are also the best choices if you’d like to host a destination wedding.

If you’re looking for a wedding planning company that has its finger on the pulse of the most popular and premier wedding trends in Sydney, we are at your service. Here at Clarence House, we pride ourselves in our ability to not only help our clients plan their dream wedding no matter what the circumstances, but in the fact that our weddings are unique and luxurious events.

Reach out to us today if you’d like your big day to lead in the most popular wedding styles and trends. We can make that dream, and so much more, a reality.

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2 Essential Wedding Planning Tips for Newly Engaged Couples

There is nothing better than being in a post-proposal bliss; this is a state that most couples enjoy when a spouse has recently popped the big question and their other partner has followed up with the most glorious rely in the entire universe, “Yes”. As such, this time is often a very happy and carefree grace period. One can spend all of their time gushing about their new fiance to their friends and family, as well as enjoying the bubble of joy and love that overcomes any relationship that’s newly engaged.

However, the time will soon come when this bubble will pop and the stresses and anxiety associated with wedding planning turn your life from bright and colourful to shades of grey. Your days that had previously been spend smoozing with your fiance will now be spent labouring over guest lists and stressing over venue expenses. This is all written in the stars as wedding planning is never an easy task. Creating the perfect wedding event requires quite a lot of commitment, organization, and coordination; but most of all, it requires wedding planners to put in an awful lot of work!

This can all be overwhelming for a newly engaged couple especially if they have no idea where to start. However, there are a few ways that couples can ease their wedding planning stresses and make the process so much easier. In this blog, we are going to give you 2 essential wedding planning tips that will do just that.

1. Have Open and Honest Communication

Most of the time, couples struggle with wedding planning due to a lack of good communication. This often results in the wrong decisions being made, which can be the cause of deadlines or complications later on in the future. As such, it is very important to make sure that both you are your spouse are speaking openly and honestly about your preferences and choices. From there, good compromises can then be made, which is vital if you’d like to create both your and your partner’s dream wedding.

2. Deal with your budget first

Our next key tip for newly engaged wedding planners is to talk about your budget first and get the money in order. Most people make the mistake of leaving the budget conversations for later. However, this then results in the spending of money on frivolous things such as premier wedding invitations when the main elements (e.g. your venue, caterer, cake, dress, etc.) have not been taken care of. If you’d like to avoid this and avoid potentially going into debt over your wedding, you should priorities budget allocating as one of the first and main activities of your home sale process.

Being throw into the deep end with wedding preparations is a lot to handle for most people. However, it will be so much worse for you if you’re recently engaged and have no idea where to start. But here at Clarence House, we can help you ease all of these stresses and plan the perfect wedding. We are equipped with a strong team of wedding planners that are experts at their jobs, and that have years of experience.

So what are you waiting for? Reach out to our company today!

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3 Things To Consider Before You Start Planning Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is usually a lot of work, especially if you are hoping to plan an amazing event. It requires wedding planners to be organised and to invest a lot of time and effort. Millions of tasks will need to be co-ordinates all at once, in order for your big day to proceed seamlessly and without a hitch. As such, preparation is often key.

In this blog, we’ll point out 3 key elements that you should consider and plan for way ahead of time, when creating your dream wedding.

1. Likes and Dislikes

Soon after your engagement, unless you have to speed up the wedding planning process for any other reason, you will be afforded a grace period. As such, this will be the time to spend hours with your spouse enjoying your engagement and swooning in the beauty of your new found love. However, this does not mean that you should be idle in this period. During this time, before the wedding planning shenanigans truly get crazy, you should spend a little time talking with your spouse about each other’s preferences. Talk casually about your likes and dislikes in relation to a venue, menu type, colour scheme, décor options, cake flavour and any other wedding details you’ll be planning later. This will help you narrow down your selections before it’s time to make all of the proper decisions, which can save you a lot of time in the future.

2. Consider Your Finances

Next up, as you get into the full swing of wedding planning, it’s very important to start by having a conversation with your spouse about your finances. The money that you have available to spend on your wedding will affect every major decision from your venue, to your theme to your menu etc. As such, it’s very important to come up with a realistic budget at the very beginning. This will help you ensure that your wedding preparations won’t put you into debt.

3. Choose a Date and Venue

At this time, the full work load associated with the wedding planning process will be approaching. As such, it will be very important to make the two most important decisions first, before everything gets crazy. You should spend these final moments selecting a date and venue, then prepare for the onslaught of various wedding details that are sure to follow.

Here at Clarence House, we understand how hard it can be to plan a wedding. As such, we’d like to offer you our services, and help lift that burden so that you can simply enjoy the beauty and love you’ll feel on your big day.

Wedding Planning

The Ultimate Wedding Planning Process Guide

Just got engaged and you are wondering where to start? Do not worry; we have it all in place for you.

Figuring out how to plan a wedding can be very difficult at first. Seeing and experiencing someone else’s wedding as a guest is different from planning your own wedding! It’s a whole different ball game. If you’re in a fix and not sure where to start planning, here’s our trusty Clarence House guide on how to start the ultimate planning process for a wedding.

1. Organize Your Thoughts, Ideas, and Plans

The organization is very important when planning your own wedding. There are quite a lot of items to keep track of. You need to identify your vendors as it’s important to have the right people to ensure your big day flows smoothly. Decide your budget from the get-go and do your best to stick to it.

2. Find an Excellent Maid of Honor or Groom’s Man

You need to choose a very good maid of honor and groom’s man as these two will be your support system as a couple. If they are willing, they will be your assistants and help you manage the whole process, so that you are not overwhelmed.

3. Get Your Priorities Right

There are so many things to do when it comes to planning your wedding. Sit down with your fiancé and select five things that are important and which you would like to see happen at your wedding. These will become your priorities, the importance of other matters will be seen in the light of these five issues.

the ultimate wedding planning guide

4. Book a Wedding Venue in Time

The wedding venue is one of the biggest expenses and such a critical factor in getting everything else to fall into place. Begin touring wedding venues early, as soon as you have your budget figured out so that you don’t miss out on the venue of your dreams. Sydney wedding venues like Clarence House’s The Lemnos and The Victorian get booked fast for a reason!

5. Have a Wedding Folder or Binder

One of the key things to help you plan is to pick the right wedding planning materials. Do plenty of research, going through bridal, fashion, food books and magazines. Keep the printed documents in a ring-bound format.

6. Hire a Competent Wedding Planner

You also need to hire a good wedding planner for your special day. This person will help you coordinate and plan most of your printed items, like invitation cards, textiles, decorations, designs and color choices.

7. What Type of Wedding Do You Want?

Ask yourself key questions about the kind of wedding ceremony you want, the number of guests, venue, type of music, catering and food options, season and time of the wedding, source of funds and number of the bridal team. Consult wedding experts and blogs for inspiration.

Where Can You Go for All Your Wedding Planning?

Contact Clarence House today to book a tour of our stunning wedding reception venue. With over 30 years of experience hosting thousands of weddings, Clarence House knows exactly how to make your wedding event unique, special and memorable. Call us today on (02) 9750 3555 or (02) 9789 1662 or send us an email at admin@clarencehouse.com.au

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Brighten Your Wedding With These Dreamy Lighting Decor Ideas

When you picture your dream wedding, what do you see? Maybe you envision floral arrangements decorated on the edges of a bright white aisle in the church of your dreams. Or maybe your fantasies are a little more fantastical. Your vision may include a stunning sunset backdrop glimmering off the edges of the horizon as the sea washes up on your toes when you say, “I do”. These types of luxury weddings can all be created. However, the one thing that will directly influence the romantic tone of your wedding and create a light and airy ambiance is your choice of lighting. Lighting up a wedding can be the perfect way to create a beautiful atmosphere fit for a romantic movie. As such, it is very important to select the best lighting option, in order to turn your dream wedding into a reality.

Below, we will explore a few dreamy wedding lighting options that won’t just serve as a method for you to illuminate your venue, but as beautiful decorating pieces that will dazzle all of your guests.

1. Candlelight

Candlelit weddings are some of the most magical celebrations anyone can host. As the gentle wicker of a softly flickering flame floods into a room, an atmosphere of love and passion is instantly created that will take your big day to the next level. In addition, taper candles can also serve to decorate pieces on tables during the wedding reception. They will illuminate any room with a lively glow that is sure to make your wedding day sparkle that much more.

2. Fairy lights

Imagine a delicate string of twinkling lights that reflects the vastness and beauty of the night’s sky. This is the stunning effect that a ceiling made up of fairy lights will have on your venue. There is no way to deny the magical sensation that bright fairy lights create when they’re strung up in a beautiful design. As such, if you’re hoping to elevate your venue and create the perfect backdrop for a deeply romantic occasion, fairly lights are your best option.

3. Disco Balls

Why glow, when you can sparkle! Nothing creates the mood for a festive celebration like a spinning disco ball that sparkles with all the colours of the rainbow. If you’re looking to turn your wedding reception into a real party, disco balls are a great option for you.

Here at Clarence House, we enjoy helping our clients select the best possible décor items, in order to make their wedding days as magical as they can be. Contact us today and we’ll find the perfect featured lighting choice for your wedding that will create a bright vibrant atmosphere of love and romance.

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How to Cope with all that Wedding Stress

When you watch romantic movies often, you may begin to think that weddings are easy to plan. It’s almost always the same story. A bride meets her groom in the beginning of the movie and it’s love at first sight. They talk for a little bit, and then the date, then drama drama drama… until you skip forward to 5 minutes before the end of the movie where their standing at the alter.

However, the unfortunate reality about planning a real-world wedding is that it takes a lot more than 5 minutes. It also takes a lot of effort. From booking your venue and hiring a caterer, to overseeing your venue’s decor while coordinating with your baker, planning a wedding can be a full-time job. And as most full-time jobs, it can also be the cause of a lot of stress.

If your feeling stressed because of wedding preparations, we’d love to support you and help ease your wedding planning burdens. As such, below, we will explore 3 key tips that will help you manage your stress levels when planning your wedding.

1. Meditate

Wedding stress can sometimes be very worrying. All of the feelings of tension and stress that it causes may flood your body with bad energy. As such, when it comes to releasing these negative feelings, meditation is a great way to do so. The added benefit when it comes to meditation is that you can meditate at any time, and in any place. Simply calm your breathing and attempt to quieten your mind. After a few moments of oneness with your inner self, you’re sure to find yourself with renewed energy.

2. Breathing Exercise

If your feeling stressed, simply taking a deep breath can do wonders. I know it sounds silly, but bear with me. In times when negative thoughts and harsh energies are filling your body, you can expel them by simply taking a long deep breath. This will help make you feel a little bit more centered, which can make a huge difference when you’re facing wedding planning stresses.

3. Remember your “Why”

Sometimes, when you start to get bogged down in the intricacies of the wedding planning process, you may begin to lose sight of “Why” it is that you’re planning a wedding in the first place. This can then cause your stress levels to increase exponentially. But this won’t happen if you remember your why. When you’re feeling stressed due to wedding planning, simply take a look at your fiancé’s beautiful face and remember why exactly it is that you want to marry them in the first place. This is sure to dispel your stresses and provide you with renewed vigor.

Planning a perfect wedding venue is always very stressful. However, it doesn’t have to be. If you’re looking to have a stress free wedding experience, simply reach out to us here at Clarence House. We are equipped with a strong team that has a wealth of experience in planning stress-free weddings. As such, when you work with us, you’re guaranteed a hassle-free experience. Contact us today and you can be one step closer to planning a stress-free wedding.

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5 ways to elevate your dream wedding

Have you attended a lot of weddings? At this stage, you’ll most probably have a good understanding of all the general elements that one must consider, in order to plan a dream wedding. By now, you’ve probably picked your dream wedding venue and sorted out your decor. You’ve probably settled on a beautiful color scheme, planned out your wedding interplay down to the second. However, most wedding planners will often find that no matter how perfect your wedding may be, it may closely resemble those you’ve attended. Are looking for something that will take their wedding to the next level and make it stand out from the crowd?

Here are 5 elements that will “Wow” your guest, and make your wedding uniquely amazing.

1. Use the power of candlelight

There is just something special about a candlelit room. Candles create a romantic environment that is guaranteed to boost your wedding. By creating an atmosphere of love, candles allow you to feel a deeper connection with your partner on your big day. They will also enchant your guests, and take the comments you’ll generate about your dream wedding from 8/10’s, to 10/10’s.

2. Hire a wedding stylist

Though you may have a keen eye, professional assistance could be the difference between a good wedding, and a great wedding. Hiring a professional wedding stylist will allow you to furnish your wedding with décor that doesn’t simply match, but that complements your venue and overall wedding atmosphere.

3. Use Calligraphy

When it comes to making a wedding absolutely amazing, often the small details make a huge difference. As such, investing in calligraphy (beautifully written and printed invitations, custom napkins, and menus) has the power to truly elevate your wedding day. By ensuring that all your prints are in gorgeous ink, you’ll turn your dream wedding into a reality.

4. Flowers

Another very important element that has the power to take your wedding to the next level is the flowers you choose. Flowers are your ultimate decorative tool. As such, it is important to ensure that all your bouquets not only look good but smell amazing as well. This will quite literally allow you to place the smell of “love in the air”.

5. Personalize everything

Our final tip, and probably the most important point, is to personalize all your wedding elements. You should choose a venue, choose a style and choose a menu that uniquely appeals to you. This will allow you to truly make your wedding day stand out from all the rest.

Are you looking to plan a perfect wedding that is both unique and a total of 10 out of 10? If so, you should reach out to us here at Clarance House. We are equipped with a strong team that has a wealth of experience in hosting weddings. Contact us today and you can be one step closer to having your dream wedding.

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How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Destination

Your wedding venue impacts all of the major elements that will contribute to planning the perfect wedding. From when you walk down the aisle, to that incredible moment when you both say “I do”.Your wedding venue will set the stage for the biggest day of your life. Above all else, what most of your guests (your friends and family), you will remember most parts of your wedding but so the venue needs to be memorable in both photos and videos. The place that you eat. The photos you take and store in your wedding album… the memories you make; all of this will be impacted by your venue decision. As such, it is very important to make sure that you’ve settled on the right choice.

Here are a few tips to consider, in order to make the right choice for your wedding venue.

Think about where you don’t want to get married

This may seem like an irrelevant tip. However, if you’d like to make your venue decision period as short and painless as possible, begin by thinking about the worst wedding venue you can imagine. Maybe you hate the beach, or you’re not a fan of going to church. Ask your partner about the venues that they despise, then use this information to factor out all of these venue types from your decision making.

Consider your optimum guest number

Another important factor you’ll need to include in your wedding venue deliberations is your optimum guest count. Think about the number of people that you’d like to have at your wedding. This can help you choose between big and small venues, which will further help you in narrowing down your list of potential wedding venues.

Write down your estimated Budget

The amount of money that you and your spouse have to pay for your wedding is another very important question to ask yourself, as you look through potential wedding venues. Obviously, some wedding venues will cost more than others. Talk about what figure you’d be comfortable with for the cost of renting out your venue, then use this figure as another filter to cut down your list of potential venues.

Choose the venue that feels right

After you’ve narrowed down to just a few prospective venues that would be perfect for you, it is now decision time. Sit down with your partner and ask each other about the wedding venue you like best from the list. Shuffle through your list and look for a venue that has a “Wow” Factor (something that draws your attention). From this, you’ll be able to select the perfect choice.

Whatever your dream wedding venue maybe, we can make it happen. Here at Clarence House, we are equipped with a strong team that has a wealth of experience in hosting weddings. Contact us today and you can be one step closer to having the wedding of your dreams.

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3 Things to Consider When Planning Your Luxury Wedding

Are you ready for the biggest and the greatest day of your life? Well, even though your wedding day can be an amazing experience filled with joy, happiness, and lots of smiles, it will also usually involves a lot of work. From finding the perfect luxury wedding venue in Sydney to selecting and coordinating the gorgeous theme elements, planning a luxury wedding is not for the faint of heart. In any movies, when you see the perfect bride walking down the aisle in a stunning dress, as her groom stands near the arch with a big smile on his face this may instantly become your dream. However, there is a lot to consider and there are many important decisions to make in order to make this dream a reality.

Here are the top 3 most important wedding elements that you’ll have to consider, in order to have a luxury wedding.

1. Choose the perfect venue

If you’re looking to plan a luxury wedding your wedding venue will be the most important element that you’ll have to consider. Exotic and unique venues have the power to take an already amazing wedding and bring it to the next level. In order to nail that “Wow” Factor, consider having your wedding at a botanical garden or on a beach. Whichever venue that you choose, you must ensure that it’s an eye-catching backdrop.

2. What’s your colour scheme

Every luxury wedding requires a singular enchanting tone that will be remembered. What’s yours? It’s important to choose a colour scheme that resonates with both you and your bride. Your colour scheme will impact not only what you and your bride’s maids or groomsmen wear, but the colour of the décor you choose and maybe even the cake you buy. As such, you will need to really think about your colour scheme, and select one that not only looks good, but that matches with both you and your partner’s preferences.

3. Style and Decor

The final question you’ll need to ask yourself yet one of the most important elements you must think about when planning your luxury wedding is what your overall style will be. This decision will also be impacted heavily by the luxury venue and colour scheme that you choose. Think about what type of wedding you’d like to have. Would you like a classic wedding (one at a church or indoor venue with a white colour scheme), or do you prefer something a little more out of the box? Whatever choice you make, it’s important to make sure that your decision ties in with the two other elements above.

Are you looking for the best possible luxury wedding venue? Reach out to us here at Clarence House. Not only will we be able to find you the venue of your dreams, but our team has a wealth of experience in hosting weddings that will be instrumental in helping you prepare for your big day. Contact us today and you can be one step closer to having the wedding of your dreams.

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How To Plan A Luxury Wedding On A Budget

Your wedding is probably one of the biggest days of your life. But hosting a luxury wedding comes with a hefty price tag that is not always attainable or realistic for some couples. The word ‘Budget’ plays a massive role when planning your big special day and in this blog, we will cover the importance of how you can have your extravagant wedding without breaking the bank. At Clarence House, we believe that couples can stick to their wedding budget and still have the wedding they desire by using what we call the ‘splurge and save’ method. To find out more about what it is, read on!

1. What is the ‘splurge and save’ method?

Simply put, you get to splurge on what means most to you as a couple and save on other areas that are not so important. For example, why not have a wedding food buffet and have simple décor as a way to save money. The best way to get this done is by compiling a list of your priorities so that you can both agree on what you get to splurge on and what you are looking to save a bit of money on.

2. How to save on the wedding dress

One of the most expensive price tags that usually come with a wedding is the wedding dress. If this is your splurge purchase, feel free to indulge yourself but if you are looking to save some coin on your wedding dress purchase, here’s how. You can stay on the lookout for bridal sales. These usually come at the end of the season so you need to prepare in advance so that you take advantage of any sales that will be on offer.

3. Simple and stylish décor

One great way to keep under budget is by opting for simple and stylish décor. Better yet you can choose a venue that is already beautiful and needs little in the form of décor to make it shine. We have such venues at Clarence house. All our venues are stunning and will be the perfect backdrop for your luxury wedding. The great thing about working with us is that we are committed to making each couple have an authentic experience at our wedding venues. All our previous clients will attest to it, that our service is unparalleled, and the wedding experience is one that stays with couples for a very long time to come.

There is a reason why we are one of Sydney’s best wedding reception venues. Our team has a wealth of experience hosting weddings for many couples. Contact us today and you can be one step closer to having the wedding of your dreams.

Want to know more about our wedding venues? Click HERE

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The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Micro Wedding

There’s been a buzz about micro weddings, have you heard it? If you are planning a wedding in 2020, we are pretty sure that you have considered having one. It’s undeniable that the pandemic has changed the face of the wedding industry. Some couples were forced to change their dates and others were made to scale down their wedding plans. If you find yourself in that situation and don’t know how to have a micro wedding, fear not. At Clarence House, we embrace every couple’s vision for their wedding, and we are here to give you the ultimate guide to planning a micro wedding.

1. What is a micro wedding?

There’s a lot of conflicting information about what exactly a micro wedding is. This is because they are so similar to intimate weddings. By nature, micro weddings are intimate. As a couple, you get to choose what a micro wedding means to you. What you get to realize is that micro weddings are more about the mindset than a specific number of guests. Their flexibility and intimacy are exactly what makes them special.

2. How to trim your wedding guest list

Whether you have been forced to reduce your guest list by circumstances that are beyond your control or you had planned to have a micro wedding from the get-go, trimming your guest list is inevitable. Couples will be tempted to keep adding guests and before you know it, they will need to be trimmed to fit into the schedule. The easiest way to get this done is just by simply sticking to one guest list and not entertaining the thought of adding more.

3. What to wear at your micro wedding

The fun thing about having a micro wedding is you get to wear whatever you like. This is a chance to break from tradition and fully express yourself. You can choose any outfit that will best reflect your personal style. Think along the lines of a backyard wedding dress, a wedding jumpsuit, or a black wedding gown. Whatever floats your boat, this is the time to let yourself enjoy your wedding day in an outfit of your choosing.

4. Personalize your wedding experience

The great thing about micro weddings is that they are more focused on the wedding experience that your guests will have. Things that would have been cumbersome for a big guest list become more manageable for a smaller crowd. Take your time picking out elements of the day that you are sure will enhance the wedding experience for all your guests.

There is a reason why we are one of Sydney’s best wedding reception venues. Our team has a wealth of experience hosting weddings for many couples. Contact us today and you can be one step closer to having the micro wedding of your dreams.

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Where To Find A Boutique Sydney Wedding Venue

Planning a wedding can be frustrating and stressful. If you are doing everything yourself it can quickly become very hectic and overwhelming. To make it easier for you to have a wedding day that runs smoothly and boutique venues are a great option. Get a good value for money as they provide wedding packages to fit any budget. At Clarence House, we have two gorgeous venues for you to choose from. Read on to find out more about each of them.

1. The Victorian Room

This is a classic wedding venue that is designed to give you an immaculate wedding experience. It is grand yet remarkably intimate and can comfortably house between 110 to 320 guests. When you choose the Victorian Room, you can dance the night away under the warm glow of elegant crystal chandeliers. This venue really has a timeless elegance, charm, and ultimate sophistication. It is so beautiful that you can leave it as is and have your wedding or customize it to your own personal taste.

2. Be thoughtful

The Lemnos is a stunning purpose-built wedding venue. It’s the perfect setting for what will undoubtedly be one of the best days of your life. Its charm, beauty, and extravagance balance flawlessly to create a great ambiance. By choosing the Lemnos, you get everything you are searching for in a wedding venue and more. It is a unique space for club members. You can inquire to find out how you can become a Lemnos Club Member.

At Clarence House, we have a beautiful boutique wedding venue for those that want to have intimate weddings. Contact our team today and we will help you plan the wedding of your dreams.

Looking for more tips on how to host a successful intimate wedding celebration? Click HERE

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Wedding Planning

Best and Easier Ways to Make a Wedding Guest List

If you are looking for the best way to make a wedding guest list, you have come to the right place. This is usually one of the first things that you will need to get done as your numbers will affect everything about your wedding. Instead of looking at it like a time consuming and tedious chore, there are ways to make creating a wedding guest list fun. We have put together some guest list ideas for weddings. Read on to find out how to plan your wedding guest list.

1. Start with a Rough Draft

A wedding guest list takes time to come up with. Instead of pressuring yourself to get it right in one go, take it easy and start with a rough draft. You can divide it up into different categories to make it easier on yourself. You can divide your list into the family, close friends, professional friends, and other significant relationships. You can even include old childhood friends and other people you may not be very close to. Remember this is a rough draft.

2. Collaborate with Parents

The worst thing that can happen after you’ve toiled and come up with a semi-definitive guest list is for your parents to come with a list of other ‘important people’ that need to attend. In order to avoid this, get the parents involved from the beginning. Decide how many guests you want to have at your wedding then allocate a certain number of invites to each family. If your parents will be contributing finances, consider this when allocating them their number of invites.

3. Prioritize and Trim Your Guest List

Take a realistic look at your finances and decide how many guests you will be able to invite to your wedding. You can put the people that must attend at all costs on one list and the ones that you can be flexible with one another. Tally up your numbers so that you know how many guests are on your priority list. You can add some guests from the other list to get to your desired number if some of your priority invites cannot make it.

4. Refuse Last-Minute Additions

This is the hard part that a lot of couples struggle with. After you have finalized a list you can get pressure from parents or friends to add more guests. Be firm and explain why you need to stick to a certain number. If you give in to one person then everyone else will feel justified to keep adding people to your wedding reception guest list. Plus-ones must be confirmed before the wedding day so that there are no last-minute surprises.

At Clarence House, it is our job to make your wedding dreams come true. Looking for qualified and experienced wedding venue consultants? Contact us for more information.

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Wedding Food Stations: The Best Wedding Catering Ideas

Looking for Something Unique to Serve on Your Wedding Day?

Most couples are moving away from a sit-down three or four-course meal where the food is brought to guests by wait-staff to wedding food stations, a delicious trend that’s always customisable. Here is how food stations are the best wedding catering ideas.

1. Wedding Food Stations That You Can Do Yourself

You can easily prepare these food stations in advance, especially if you’ve got access to the venue the day before the wedding.

2. Popcorn Station

Popcorn stations are probably the easiest and cheapest stations to set up, offering a perfect little light snack that’s easy to eat on the go.

3. Sweet Bars and Candy Buffets

Sweet bars and candy buffets can range from nostalgic childhood favourites to artisan treats like marshmallows, fudge, rock candy or mini meringues.

4. Wedding Food Stations That Require Some Help

Spoilable food items like cheese or desserts with fresh cream will still need the co-operation of the venue and/or catering staff to store in their refrigerators and put out at the correct time.

5. Grazing Tables

For the couple who love a cheese and charcuterie board, the grazing table offers a selection of cold meats, cheeses, antipasti, dips, bread, crackers, salads and fruits.

6. Cake, Dessert and Treat Tables

Cake tables present another special wedding catering idea and are a great alternative to traditional desserts or as an extra sweet treat throughout the day.

Wedding Food Stations: The Best Wedding Catering Ideas

7. Donut Walls and Stations

Everyone loves donuts and you can mix and match flavours, shapes and sizes, or let your guests get creative with delicious glazes or fun sprinkles.

8. Pie Station and Pie Bar

Perfect for autumn and winter weddings, pie bars are a super twist on the cake table trend and can be served as slices, mini pies or pie pops for guests to eat on the go.

9. S’mores or Milk and Cookie Bar

S’mores are a combination of malted milk biscuits, melted marshmallows, and your favourite chocolate and work well in an outdoor wedding.

10. Wedding Food Stations Best Left to the Experts

For these food stations, you can either hire a mobile supplier who will take care of everything, or do part of the job yourself and hire a chef or server to man the station during the wedding.

11. Pizza Bars

Pizza is fast becoming a popular and affordable choice at rustic celebrations and you can stick with classics like Margherita and pepperoni or design your own pizza.

12. Sushi and Asian Food Stations

Hire a chef to make fresh sushi rolls to impress your guests and with help from your venue staff, you can create some great sushi variations.

13. Ice Cream Bar

Ice cream always impresses and is a firm favourite with guests young and old.

Where to Go for Wedding Catering Ideas and More?

Call Clarence House Wedding Venues Sydney today. Our professional and dedicated team will help you prepare, plan and organise your special day, from start to finish, to make your luxury wedding the most memorable day of your lives.

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5 Wedding Hacks That You Seriously Need to Know

1. Do You Need Some Great Tips for Planning Your Wedding?

Planning for a wedding can be quite overwhelming. With the appointments, budgeting, and decisions to make, it can be way too easy to feel like things are spinning a bit out of control during the wedding process. Here are 5 wedding hacks that you seriously need to know to help give your wedding that little bit of extra sparkle.

2. Make Sure Your Wedding Planning Is Stress-Free

Make sure your wedding planning is stress-free by hiring a wedding day professional. Once you have planned the wedding process, you can hand over to a day-of professional so you can relax and have an amazing day. This is one of the best investments you can make for your wedding because the wedding professional will manage your big day and ensure that everything runs smoothly and on time.

3. Set the Date

Another wedding hack you seriously need to know is that you save a lot of cash by just setting your date right. By opting to get married in November, January or February, you could save yourself up to 20%. If you make it a weekday, you can add another 5%-10% onto that. Saturday weddings are in hot demand and are definitely the most expensive day of the week to get married so going either side of Saturday could save you money.

4. Create a Specific Email Address

Setting up a separate email address for all wedding correspondence is another wedding hack you seriously need to know. This will enable all wedding-related things to be in one place and you won’t waste time searching through your personal emails. The last thing you need is to miss important emails, especially if there are cancellations. Setting up a separate email address should be the first thing you do in your wedding planning process.

5. Try Your Wedding Shoes Before Your Wedding

Try wearing your wedding shoes once a day around the house in the weeks leading up to your wedding so that they are comfortable on the big day. If you want to wear stilettos especially for an outdoor wedding, add heel protectors. These will increase the surface of the base of the heel so that you do not sink into the grass. You can also have an extra pair of wedding flat shoes to wear once the dancing begins.

6. Keep a Bridal Emergency Kit with You

You want everything to go right on the day of your wedding. So to be on the safe side it is wise to have a bridal first aid kit with you that has everything and anything you could possibly need on your wedding day.

Discuss Your Wedding Ideas and More with Wedding Experts at Clarence House

Our professional and dedicated team will help you prepare, plan and organize your special day, from start to finish, to make your luxury wedding the most memorable day of your lives. Visit one of the best wedding venues Sydney now or send us an email at admin@clarencehouse.com.au

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10 Crucial Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks

Are you looking for some great tips on planning for your wedding?

A wedding day is one of the most important days in the lives of any couple. The planning process for your wedding can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming and stressful. To help make this process easier and fun, here are our 10 essential wedding planning tips and tricks.

1. Celebrate

Once you are engaged, you need to celebrate this exciting time and enjoy with your new fiancé as you share the news. Some fun ways to share the news include hosting a dinner or a little party or telling each person especially your parents in private.

2. Pick a season and date

You need to have ample time to find your dream venue and secure a date within a season that you love. When selecting a season, consider factors like the weather, outdoor or indoor and flowers in season.

3. Decide on a budget

When determining a budget, consider who will fund all or part of the wedding, how much you would like to spend, and how much you can comfortably afford, so that you have a realistic budget.

4. Decide on the type of wedding

There are plenty of ways to tie the knot, so choose what perfectly fits your style. Types of weddings can include an intimate, traditional, outdoor and a themed wedding.

5. Pick a theme

Consider what story you would like to tell on your day and choose a theme. Examples of themes include rustic, greenery, glam or shabby chic.

6. Choose your venue

The choice of your venue sets the stage for your entire day. Look at Sydney wedding reception venues that work within your budget, theme and season.

7. Pick your perfect wedding team

The choice of your wedding team: photographer, videographer, wedding planner, florist, etc., is crucial to making your day flow perfectly.

8. Find your ‘go-to person’ for the day

This person should know your vision as well as you do so that on the big day your focus is about walking down the aisle. A ‘go-to person’ can be the maid of honor, best friend or your planning partner who will be there to answer any questions on your behalf.

9. Have enough time for set up

Plan for a bit of extra time on the day for setting up the ceremony and reception decor and have someone else run the show. Your wedding coordinator or a family member can take up this task.

10. It is all about you

This is the day you and your family have been planning for but remember it is your day. It should be all about you as a couple, and you definitely should feel good making any executive decisions.

Where to go for your wedding planning tips and more?

Clarence House boasts two world-class wedding reception venues worth touring. With over sixty years of experience in hosting thousands of weddings, we know exactly how to make your wedding event unique, special and memorable. Visit our website on https://www.clarencehouse.com.au/ or send us an email at admin@clarencehouse.com.au

Plan your Dream Destination Wedding on a Budget
Wedding Planning

Plan your Dream Destination Wedding on a Budget

Are you planning to have a destination wedding somewhere outside of your hometown but think it might be too pricey?
A destination wedding can be one of the most gorgeous and fun options for your marriage. It can also be very expensive when you add up all the costs associated with hosting a far-away celebration, especially if you have a large group of guests. However, there are different ways to cut down costs. Here are some tips on how to plan your dream destination wedding on a budget.

1. Book an All-Inclusive Package

In order to earn the most return on your dream destination wedding on a budget, choose a package that takes care of every detail. Most wedding package deals are inclusive of the venue itself and its décor, flowers, music, photography and more. This removes the price tag of paying for each individual service.

2. Embrace the Local Scene

If the venue hosting your destination wedding on a budget does not offer an all-inclusive option, you can decrease your food and beverage bill by trying out the local cuisine. Do research on local breweries or wineries to see how you can incorporate the destination flavor into your beverage line-up.

3. Keep It Small

When you’re planning a dream destination wedding on a budget, a shorter guest list works best. Decide who you really want to attend and remember, smaller celebrations mean smaller budgets. Many places have a variety of packages and when you have fewer guests, you can get away with a full wedding, with food and all, for a few thousand dollars. As a bonus, it also allows more flexibility, since you are not working around the complicated schedules of over a hundred close friends.

4. Let Your Surroundings Be Your Backdrop

To minimize the costs of decorations, you can let the natural and often breathtaking surroundings of your destination wedding speak for themselves. If you are by the beach there’s no need to splurge on extra ceremony details when you have the bright waters as your backdrop.

5. Extend Your Trip into a Honeymoon

Why fly to another destination when you are already exchanging vows on a beautiful venue? Extending your trip into a honeymoon eliminates the need to plan another vacation. Depending on which venue you partner with, you may even reap rewards as many resorts will offer special honeymoon packages with perks.

6. Choose a Weekday

Although this may prevent some guests on your invite list from attending, consider a weekday celebration to reduce the price of not only the wedding itself but airfare, too. Many resorts offer discounts to those having their celebration on a weekday and there will be less crowding too.

Contact Clarence House for Your Dream Destination Wedding Ideas and More

Clarence House boasts two world-class wedding reception venues worth touring. With over sixty years of experience in hosting thousands of weddings, we know exactly how to make your wedding event unique, special and memorable. Visit one of the best wedding venues in Sydney or send us an email at admin@clarencehouse.com.au
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How to Save Money for a Wedding in a Year

Do You Want to Know How You Can Save Money for the Big Day?

A wedding is one of the most important days you will have and you need to start your marriage life debt-free. You can have a beautiful wedding without having to worry about having any debt hanging over you. Here is a guide on how to save money for a wedding in a year.

1. Set Up a Budget

whether you opt for a wedding package or put together your own special day, the first thing you must do is to work out the cost of your wedding and set a budget. Stick to it so that your costs don’t go out of control. Include in your budget a list of intended expenditure for each item as this will enable you to carefully control and monitor each and every cost.

2. Determine How Much to Save Each Month

after working out the cost of your wedding and setting your budget, work out how much you’ll need to save to meet this target and how long it will take. Make sure you are being realistic about what you can achieve and how much you can afford. For example, if you are planning to spend $6,000 for a wedding in one year’s time, you will have to save around $500 a month.

3. Get Started

set up a regular payment, which can be a direct debit or a standing order that will automatically transfer your set amount into your savings per month. Decide where you’ll keep your savings, either an online bank account for the wedding or you open an instant access savings account. With a year to plan ahead, you might want to look at accounts that tie up your money but offer good interest.

4. Book Your Wedding Venue Early

book your Sydney wedding venues and caterer super early so that prices do not go up. Consider having your ceremony and reception at the same venue to cut travel time. This way, the guests can sit at their tables during the ceremony and be able to start the cocktail hour immediately after the ceremony.

5. Find Extra Sources of Income

you may also start seeking out additional sources of income to top up your monthly savings. You can take a part-time job or try selling some unwanted furniture, electronics, or ant items to bring in extra cash. While the extra job might be a bit too much to handle, it is something you would only need to do for a limited time.

Discuss Your Wedding Plan and More with the Experts at Clarence House

boasting two world-class wedding reception venues and over sixty years of experience in hosting thousands of weddings, clarence house knows exactly how to make your wedding event unique, special and memorable. Call us today on (02) 9750 3555 or (02) 9789 1662 or send us an email at admin@clarencehouse.com.au

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Wedding Planning

How to Plan a Memorable Wedding Welcome Party

Are you planning on hosting a wedding welcome party and have no clue on how to stage a successful one?
A welcome party is one of the pre-wedding events that can take many forms. Although it may not be mandatory, it is definitely beneficial, especially when planning a destination wedding, have a lot of out-of-town guests or have different friends and families coming together for the first time. Here are the steps to follow on how to plan a great and memorable wedding welcome party.

1. Set the budget

The first step in planning a wedding welcome party is to set out your budget and stick to it. You are very likely to foot the bill for the event, so work within what you can afford. Try not to overdo the decor or menu, as the event really about brings together family and friends.

2. Pick a date

Try to host your wedding welcome party a day or two before your big day. It can be held directly after a rehearsal dinner, which is usually limited to family members and the wedding party. If you choose this option, you might have your cocktail at the same restaurant as the rehearsal dinner or a nearby venue.  

3. Prepare a list of guests

You can invite all of your guests to the welcome party so that no one feels left out. However, if you are hosting your wedding near your home, you can cut down your guest list. If you want to save on money as well, you may just stick to your wedding party, family members and out-of-town guests.

4. Choose a location

It is best to select a venue close to where your guests are staying (or even the place) so that it is easily accessible for your guests. It is advisable to find a venue that already has some built-in décor, with chairs and tables for guests to be comfortable

5. Send out invitations

If you plan this well in advance, you can simply add an enclosure about your wedding welcome party in the wedding invitation cards. Otherwise, an event will also work.

6. Plan your menu

Keep in mind that your goal is for your guests to easily mix and mingle, as you plan your menu. A few light bites or sweets for a dessert and drinks should do the trick. Note that if your wedding welcome party is right after the rehearsal dinner, you may forego the food altogether.

7. Prepare a toast

Once your guests have all gathered, it is time to welcome them. Prepare a short speech to thank them for coming. Then after the toast, you can mix, mingle and enjoy the party.

Discuss your wedding ideas and more with the experts at Clarence House

Boasting two world-class wedding reception venues in Sydney and over sixty years of experience in hosting thousands of weddings, Clarence House knows exactly how to make your wedding event unique, special and memorable. Call us today on (02) 9750 3555 or (02) 9789 1662 or send us an email at admin@clarencehouse.com.au
Complete List of Things You Need to Buy for a Wedding
Wedding Planning

Complete List of Things You Need to Buy for a Wedding

You have settled on the dates for your big day and now need a list of things you need to buy for a wedding? Relax, we have it all planned out for you.
Preparing a checklist for your wedding is essential to keep track of every bit of detail. It can be very easy to leave out some key elements until the last moment, when it may be too late. Here is a list of things to buy for your wedding day.

1. Bride and bridesmaids dresses

Allow at least six months for the dresses to be ordered and time for at least three fittings.

2. Groom and groomsmen suits

You may choose to hire or buy, but keep in mind that sometimes it can cost nearly as much to hire as to buy a suit.

3. Bridal veil and hair accessories

Start selecting your veil and hair accessories way before your wedding day.

4. Bridal jewelry

​Choose and know the bridal jewelry that goes best with your dress.

5. Bridal shoes

Buy shoes and bring these along to your first fitting so the tailor can choose the appropriate length for your gown.

6. Bridal lingerie

Purchase your undergarments and schedule time for fittings.

7. Bridal garter

This can be easily be forgotten.

8. Bridal emergency kit

This can come handy if something unexpected happens on your wedding day.

9. A bridal jacket or wrap

A bridal jacket is a good accessory to cover up and stay warm, especially when it gets cool in the evening.

10. Bridal party gifts

Bridal party gifts should also be on the list of things to buy for your wedding.

11. Invitation and thank you cards

Select and purchase invitation and thank you cards. You may need to hire a calligrapher.

12. Wedding cake and platter

Select and order the wedding cake to give your baker enough lead time.

13. Wedding rings

Purchase the rings at least six months before to give you time for resizing and engraving.

14. Guest book and pens

Guest books come in all sorts of unique forms.

15. Flowers

These can be loose rose petals, flower girl’s basket, bouquets, and reception décor flowers.

16. Wedding direction signs

These include welcome, parking, ceremony direction, reception, restrooms, and reserved seating signs.

17. Easels

Easels can come in handy for direction signs.

18. Ceremony aisle runner

A ceremony aisle adds a bit of drama when rolled out as the bride walks down the aisle.

19. Unity candle or sand ceremony set

Lighting a unity candle or sand ceremony is a modern tradition performed to symbolize the joining together of the two families into one united family.

Make an appointment with Clarence House for all your wedding needs

With over sixty years of experience in hosting thousands of weddings, Clarence House wedding reception venues Sydney knows exactly how to make your wedding event unique, special and memorable. Call us today on (02) 9750 3555 or (02) 9789 1662 or send us an email at admin@clarencehouse.com.au
Traditional Wedding Ceremony Order of Service Guide
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Traditional Wedding Ceremony Order of Service Guide

Getting Closer to the Big Day and Wondering How to Plan Your Wedding Ceremony Order?

The good news is that most wedding ceremonies follow the same generic order. Although each wedding ceremony is unique, elements such as walking down the aisle, exchange of vows and rings, and the long-awaited kiss, are sure to be part of this joyful ceremony. Here is a traditional wedding ceremony order of service.

1. The Procession

This is the part where members of your immediate family and wedding party walk down the aisle and take their places. The procession begins with the parents making their entrance, then the bridesmaids and groomsmen, the groom, flower girls and finally, the bride.

2. Welcome Remarks

When everyone is in their place, the marriage officiant then shares a few words of welcome. The officiant may thank the guests for being witnesses to your union, as well as welcome everyone to the event.

3. Opening Remarks and Introduction

The officiant will give an introduction and share the significance of marriage. He or she may take this opportunity to give a brief recount of your love story and emphasize the importance of the marriage vows you are about to take as a couple.

4. Readings

If your ceremony includes readings, a few people will be invited up to share a few words. Your wedding officiant may introduce each reading and reader or you may choose to let the readers flow naturally.

5. Exchange of Vows

The two of you face each other and exchange vows. You may choose to write and recite your own vows or use traditional phrasing. At this point, you also place rings on each other’s fingers to symbolize your marriage and the officiant pronounces you husband and wife.

6. The Kiss

Next comes the moment everyone has been waiting for, sealing your marriage with a kiss!

7. Unity Ceremony

At this stage, some couples choose to have a unity ceremony. Here, the couple performs something that physically symbolizes their new union, like the mixing of two different colors of sand or water or lighting a candle.

8. Final Blessings

The officiant will wrap up the ceremony with a few closing words. For a religious ceremony, the couple is prayed for.

9. The Recessional

The married couple is introduced by the officiant. Then, the bride and groom are the first to exit the ceremony, followed by the wedding party and finally the guests.

Make an Appointment with Clarence House to Tour Wedding Venues

With over 30 years of experience hosting thousands of weddings, Clarence House knows exactly how to make your wedding event unique, special and memorable. Call us today on (02) 9750 3555 or (02) 9789 1662 or send us an email at admin@clarencehouse.com.au to book a tour of our illustrious wedding venues Sydney.

Top 10 Trending Wedding Themes for 2019 Clarence House
Wedding Planning

10 Trending Wedding Themes for 2019 – Clarence House

Not Sure Which Wedding Theme to Go with for Your 2019 Wedding?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.
The 2019 wedding season is off with a bang! And already we’ve seen some truly amazing weddings. We’ve also noticed some exciting wedding themes that we’re sure are going to be the main features of a lot of upcoming weddings this year. Here are the top 10 wedding themes for 2019.

1. Romantic

Perhaps you’re the couple that waited to share their first kiss on their wedding day and look forward to things like sharing your first dance together. If you’re romantics at heart, then we suggest you go for a romantic themed wedding that brings out this passion and love you have for one another.

2. Rustic

If you’re thinking of having your wedding in fall, then a rustic themed wedding might be what you’re looking for. Think acorns, warm oranges, gold’s, and browns for your décor, and warm hearty meals. Rustic weddings can be fun especially if thrown in an intimate setting with a limited number of people.

3. Vineyard

Two out of every ten weddings are hosted in vineyards, and we can see why. There is something about large open spaces, idyllic picturesque settings, and a crystal blue sky that makes us smile.

4. Beach

If you’re fortunate enough to live close to a private beach, this might be a great and viable wedding option. Beach weddings are generally fun; the only downside being the unpredictability of the weather.

5. Vintage

Vintage wedding themes are increasingly becoming popular as people seek for that old world glam and charm. If you’re into chivalry and love rustic looks then you probably should consider hosting a vintage-inspired wedding. Elements to include in your wedding: real China cutlery, lace, and vintage wedding reception venues like The Victorian at Clarence House.

Wedding Themes 2019

6. Outdoor

As a nation blessed with favorable weather, outdoor or garden weddings have become the rage. Outdoor weddings give you the ability to combine several themes if you so wish, for example, you can have rustic vintage looks while incorporating traditional wedding elements like having a sit-down meal with friends and family.

7. Classic Traditional

This is undoubtedly the all-time favorite wedding theme for most couples. This theme allows you to draw inspiration from tradition, and typically your day involves getting married in a church or chapel and then having an outdoor reception complete with a sit-down meal.

8. Contemporary

Duchess of Cambridge Princess Kate Middleton and Duchess of Sussex Princess Meghan Markle’s weddings are the epitome of what contemporary weddings are. Both princesses wore elegant, yet modest dresses that flattered them without drawing too much attention. If this is the theme you’re after, you might want to take your cues from their weddings.

9. Boho Chic

From trendy Boho style wedding dresses to décor, a Boho style wedding can be great fun to throw. Think bare feet, beach settings, and eco-friendly décor to create the ideal Boho wedding.

10. DIY

DIY weddings are special because you’re not outsourcing anyone else to manage or plan your wedding. You’ve taken it upon yourself to decide all the elements you wish to have, as well as find all the vendors needed to pull off your big day. It truly becomes your wedding in every sense of the word.

Discuss These Themes and More with Our Clarence House Gurus

Clarence House boasts two world-class wedding reception venues Sydney worth touring. If you’re in the hunt for a wedding venue, book an appointment with us today. You can call us and talk to one of our friendly staff members on (02) 9750 3555 or (02) 9789 1662 or send us an email at admin@clarencehouse.com.au
3 Most Popular Wedding Menu Styles for 2019
Wedding Planning

3 Most Popular Wedding Menu Styles for 2019

Are You Wondering What You Should Serve at Your Wedding?

Food is a very political matter. The type of food you serve can either make or break your wedding. Unhappy guests make terrible wedding guests. While we know you’ll do everything in your power to please them, we need you to remember that it’s your wedding. And your wedding means your wedding rules. If you want a buffet-style food plan instead of a traditional sit-down one then so be it.
If you’re still not sure which food or menu style you should serve, here are 3 popular wedding menu styles that you can never go wrong with.

Wedding Menu Styles

1. Buffet Style Wedding Menu

Buffets involve tables set up in a separate location loaded with all your food. Guests line up and fill up their plate as they progress up the table. Buffets are great in that they allow your guests to try new food. They also mean that people don’t have to wait for others to finish eating before they can go for the second round of food!
Buffets are worth considering if you want to include a whole lot more food in smaller portions. So say you have several soups, main courses and desserts you can’t choose between and want to serve all of them. Buffets will offer you the chance to serve and delight your guests with all these delicacies.

2. Traditional Sit-Down Wedding Menu

If you’re looking for a more intimate get-together and lots of laughter at the table then consider having a traditional sitdown wedding menu. Such a meal option involves having food placed on platters laid out in the middle of the long table where everyone will sit around.
Think of a long family table, with food laid out in the middle and everyone sitting around the table. This type of setting requires quite a handful of waiting staff to refill empty wine glasses and replace empty platters.
It’s worth noting that this type of food option is often costly as it’s difficult to estimate how much your guests will eat. Your caterer will end up buying a lot more portions and this is all placed on your budget.

Popular Wedding Menu Styles 2019

3. Cocktail Style Wedding Menu

If you’re not fussy about food, then you might want to think about a cocktail style service. This is a stand-up affair with no formal seated guests. It’s a great option if you think your type of guests would prefer roaming around and picking up finger food when they’re hungry. Cocktails are also fantastic if you’ve got a caterer who can come up with creative finger foods.
What’s difficult about planning for this menu is trying to figure out how much the cost per person for a plate of food amounts too.

Clarence House Wedding Venues for a Hassle-Free Wedding

Clarence House offers you quality and affordable wedding reception venues for your wedding. To book our Sydney wedding venues contact our friendly Clarence House team on (02) 9750 3555 or (02) 9789 1662 or send us an email at admin@clarencehouse.com.au