A Groom’s Guide to Wedding Planning

groom’s guide to wedding planning

Wedding planning often conjures images of brides immersed in fabrics and florals, seating options, venue & decoration, and more – but the groom has an equally important part to play. Here is a step-by-step guide for every groom to feel confident and stylish when stepping up to wedding planning.


1. Communication is Important

Sit down with your partner and walk them through your vision for the day. What kind of atmosphere do the two of you want? Are there any special themes, colors, or traditions that you have in mind? Open communication ensures that from the start both your dreams are aligned.

2. Budgeting Together

Discuss and pen down your priorities together. Decide how much you want to allocate to each aspect of the wedding: the venue, catering, photographer, and entertainment. A clear budget helps with possible conclusions and avoids last-minute financial stress.

3. Selecting the Venue

After all, the venue sets the tone for the whole tone. Be it an elegant indoor setup or an enchanting outdoor space, take the time and visit potential locations together. Think about logistics: is it easily accessed by guests, and does it offer the services and amenities that you would need?

4. Guest List and Invitations

Writing out your guest list is probably the hardest part. Basically, you have to learn how to balance your desire to invite everybody you know with common sense based on the space of your choice and your budget. Once you have your list, it is time to start thinking about the style of your invitations. This is another great area where you can inject a bit of your personality as a couple.

5. Suiting Up

Deciding on wedding attire is a big decision. Be it a classic tuxedo or a modern suit, let it be something speaking of your personal style in line with the wedding. Remember: do not leave out the entourage of groomsmen and their feelings about looking and being comfortable.

6. Engagement in Details

While it is perfectly normal that your bride has the most say in some of the wedding’s details, you can participate in all of them. Be it the music, the menu, or even the flowers, be involved if you must. This way, your partner will appreciate that you are equally interested in such decision-making.

7. The Vows

Writing your vows is one of the most personal parts of the wedding. Take some time to reflect on your relationship and what you would want to promise in your future together. Just speak from your heart, and don’t be worried about being too perfect; after all, it’s the sincerity that matters most in the long run.

8. Pre-Wedding Events

Attend and organize pre-wedding functions like the engagement party, bachelor party, and rehearsal dinner. These are some of the great events shared with a couple’s best friends and family, leading to setting the appropriate atmosphere for the day of the wedding.

9. Delegate Tasks

You need not do everything yourself. So, pass some of the responsibilities to your best man, groomsmen, or family members, which will not only make planning for the event much easier but also help make the loved ones be an integral part of that day.

10. Stay Organised

With a wedding planning app or in a more classic way of jotting it down with a notebook, you can easily keep all your plans at your fingertips. Make checklists, set deadlines, manage all contacts, and keep contracts under one roof. With all of the organization, you can stay on top of your wedding details while stress-free for the most part as the date approaches.

11. Self-Care

Plan everything accordinly, but not at the cost of taking care of yourself. Engage in activities that will relax and rejuvenate you. Exercise, eat well, and get enough sleep. A well-rested, healthy groom is going to be a lot more present and able to enjoy fully the wedding day.

12. Enjoy the Process

Lastly, remember; the wedding planning is a journey you and your partner are on together. Make decisions reflecting the love story that’s yours and enjoy the process. It will be truly beautiful, reflecting your commitment to each other and the beginning of an entirely new chapter in life.