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5 Creative Ways to Throw an Unforgettable Wedding
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5 Creative Ways to Throw an Unforgettable Wedding

For many people, a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. This means they want their special day to be memorable and unforgettable. We understand this all too well. Having hosted more than 3,000 weddings in our 35 years of business here are our time-tested creative ways to throw an unforgettable wedding that your guests will talk about for a long time to come.

1. Let the Fun Start with the Invitation Cards

We’ve seen all kinds of invitation cards, quirky, funky, puzzle-invitations; the list of unusual wedding invitation cards is endless. Let your guests anticipate what’s to come from your invitation. If you plan on having a themed wedding make sure you’ve included this in your invitation card and if you want your guests to dress up, don’t be shy in mentioning it.

2. Location, Location, Location

Location is everything in creating an unforgettable wedding and the more unique it is the better. An unusual location will have your guests talking for a long time to come. One wedding reception venue that’s bound to impress your guests is prestigious. The Victorian wedding venue at Clarence House. It’s everything and more of what wedding venues should be.

Unforgettable Wedding Ideas

3. Get Live Music and a Band

Whether you want to walk down the aisle to Pachelbel’s Canon in D or to John Legend’s All of Me, nothing sets the tone quite like a live band. Ask your vendors which are the bands that get the crowds moving. Make sure you find a group that’s animated, fun, professional as well as experienced. You don’t want an amateur group ruining what should have been an otherwise beautiful day.

4. Go All Out and Plan a Sumptuous Menu

Let’s be real for a minute. The highlight for many guests on such occasions is the food. Feed them well and they’ll be praising you and holding up your wedding as the standard for years to come. If you have the budget for it, go all out on your menus. From delightful and tasty finger foods, and cocktails, to a full course sit-down meal, not forgetting delicious desserts from your local patisserie. If you truly want to hit jackpot and win your guest’s favor, include post-party gift bags packed full with baked goodies and thank-you notes.

Make Your Wedding Unique and Unforgettable

5. the Iconic Perfect Dress

A moment people won’t forget fast is the bride’s arrival and her walk down the aisle with her father/brother. Nothing will leave a more indelible impression on your guests as the dress you wear. Take time to shop for the iconic perfect dress. The dress that seems like it was made for you.

6. Bonus Tip: Hire a Quality Photographer and Videographer

Your wedding will not last forever. Within a few short hours, it will all be history. Don’t settle for a cheap photographer with limited skills. Hire a quality photographer and videographer, because when all is said and done, your photos will be the eternal memories that you will cherish.

Host Your Memorable Wedding at Clarence House

Clarence House offers you quality wedding venues for your wedding. This is especially true of our impressive Victorian wedding venue. To book a tour contact our friendly Clarence House team on (02) 9750 3555 or (02) 9789 1662 or send us an email at admin@clarencehouse.com.au
5 Things You Should Know Before Planning a Diy Wedding in South Coast NSW
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5 Things You Should Know Before Planning a DIY Wedding in South Coast NSW

Wedding planning is no joke. There is a reason people are paid to do this as a job! However, we understand that there are some couples out there, who like getting down and getting their hands dirty. That’s fine by us, so long as you don’t forget to have fun and keep the fire burning during the planning stage of your wedding.
Before you finalize things and rule out getting professional wedding planners and event coordinators to help you out, we thought we should highlight 5  things you should know before you start planning a DIY wedding in South Coast, NSW.

1. Settle Your Budget First Before Anything Else

Before you go out checking all the lavish hotels and wedding reception venues available in NSW, first determine how much you actually have to spend on your wedding. Look at your own savings, talk to your parents if appropriate and have a figure in mind. Divide this figure into two – actual budget and buffer for emergencies (about 15% of your entire budget).

DIY Wedding South Coast NSW

2. Figure Out a Guest List and Stick to It!

Your wedding venue is going to take up most of your budget – at least half. Your venue will largely be determined by how many people are on your guest list. Remember that it’s not just the venue that is costly where guests are concerned, but it’s the price you’ll also have to pay per head for catering, alcohol, parking and the number of tables.

3. Where and When Can You Get Discounts?

Knowing the right people to ask questions can save you a ton of headaches. Ask your vendors to recommend people they have worked within the past. You might even find that your vendors know where and when you can get the best discounts for flowers, decor, wedding venues, etc. Don’t neglect to ask friends and family who’ve recently gotten married if they can recommend any reliable and trustworthy vendors to work with.

South Coast NSW DIY Wedding Planning

4. Figure Out Meal Plans for Everyone Involved

In order for you to have a successful wedding, there will be so many people working hard behind the scene on your big day. And all these people need to be fed. Don’t get carried away planning your sophisticated sit-down meal that you forget the foot soldiers laboring tirelessly to ensure that you have a hassle-free wedding. You can ask your caterer to prepare something for them.

5. Ask for Payment Plans from Vendors and Write It Down!

The golden rule of wedding planning: write everything down. There will be so much to remember, that details such as payment plans and when money is due are things that certainly must be written down without fail.

Host Your DIY Wedding at Clarence House

Clarence House offers you lovely wedding venues for your DIY wedding. This is especially true of our impressive Victorian wedding venue. To book a tour contact our friendly Clarence House team on (02) 9750 3555 or (02) 9789 1662 or send us an email at admin@clarencehouse.com.au
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Vintage Wedding Planning Guide 2019 – Clarence House

30 years in the wedding business we think we’ve seen it all. We’ve even thrown a couple of vintage weddings of our own, in our aptly named The Victorian wedding reception venue. This is what makes us confident about the time-tested modern rules of vintage wedding style we’re about to share with you.
So what constitutes vintage anyway?

The Definition of a Vintage Wedding

According to the free dictionary, vintage style is a ‘type of clothing from the 1920s to 20 years before our present day.’ So for your wedding, you can opt for a wedding dress and groom’s suit inspired by couture from this era, as well as crockery, decor, and food.

The Golden Vintage Rule: Less Is More

In an age of extravagance, pomp and much fanfare, a lot of people miss the beauty of simplicity. When planning a vintage wedding, you need to remember this Golden Rule: less is more. It’s about quality and not quantity.

Select Unique Centerpieces, and Accessories

Your decor will play a big role in your entire vintage theme. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it will require a little bit more effort on your part to source the right centerpieces and accessories to create that old world look. Thankfully we live in a world that’s global, so you can source your products overseas and have them shipped right here months before the wedding. Think lanterns, lace tablecloths, candles, and fine china.
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Make It Inclusive: Ask Your Guests to Play the Part

If you really want to throw a vintage wedding that people won’t forget, make it fun and include your guests. Ask your guests to be a sport and dress the part. To help them with the task, find suppliers of vintage clothing and include their details in your invitation cards so it’s easy for your guests to shop or hire their outfits.

Get Your Photographer in on the Action Too!

Don’t forget to let your photographer know what you’re planning. You’ll want your photos to match your theme. Thanks to all the filters we have, you’ll be able to get retro-style photos at the end of the day to remember the event. See if you can find a vintage photo booth to hire where your guests can also take photos from. It’ll be so much fun looking through your photo album and reminiscing about your wedding day many years from now.

Check Out Clarence House Vintage Venues

Clarence House offers you stunning wedding venues in Sydney that will make the perfect backdrop for your vintage-inspired wedding. This is especially true of our impressive Victorian wedding venue. To book a tour contact our friendly Clarence House team on (02) 9750 3555 or (02) 9789 1662 or send us an email at admin@clarencehouse.com.au
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5 Ingenious Ways to Keep the Fire Burning While Planning Your Wedding

Wedding planning can be exhausting. It’s very easy for tempers to flare as you try to agree on what you both want on your big day. It’s easy for the romance to fly out of the window. So how do you strike that balance? How do you plan a wedding together (without killing each other) and still keep the sparks flying? Here are our top 5 recommendations.

1. Schedule Date Nights Regularly

You remember all the fun times you used to have while courting? Yes, when you used to dress up and go out for dinner and a movie? Don’t let that go. Schedule regular date nights and keep things simple. Avoid wedding talk during your time out. Just enjoy each other’s company and the moment. Use these date nights to create memories leading up to the big date. Remind each other why you chose each other.

2. Write Love Letters to Each Other

As cheesy as it sounds, letter writing was the way in which millions of couples the world over-communicated their love for centuries. Discover the lost art of letter writing. Use the opportunity to put down your feelings. Make it extra special by going out and buying actual letter writing stationery. Get good quality letter writing paper and envelopes. What to write about? The first time you saw your significant other, your first kiss what you felt, your hopes and dreams for your life together.
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3. Assemble Some Friends to Help You Plan

You two don’t have to do it all by yourself. If you have friends who are currently courting, rope them in to help you plan your own wedding. It’ll give them invaluable experience when they decide to get married. Hire wedding venue if your budget allows for it. This will give you enough room to focus on spending quality time with your partner.

4. Plan Your Honeymoon Together

Want to retreat to an island for your honeymoon? Thinking of the Maldives, Seychelles or Bora Bora? Planning your honeymoon together can get you too pumped up for what’s to come. Choose the place together, and what activities you’ll do when you get there. Let your imagination run wild with anticipation! Trust us; it’s good for you, what with all the stress of planning the wedding.

5. Exchange Meaningful Gifts

If you’ve been keeping your grandmother’s earrings or family heirloom waiting to give them to the right person this may be the time to gift them to your bride. Or perhaps you’ve gone ahead and bought a set of matching clothing. Don’t skip out on the small but meaningful things that solidify relationships.

Book a Tour of Clarence House

Clarence House offers you the chance to plan a hassle-free wedding on our premises. Book a tour of our stunning wedding reception venues and explore your wedding reception venue options. Contact our friendly Clarence House team on (02) 9750 3555 or (02) 9789 1662 or send us an email at admin@clarencehouse.com.au
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15 Things You Must Know to Keep Away Wedding Venue Problems

Wedding reception venues are sometimes forced to take legal action because of their clients. In the majority of cases, this is because a couple didn’t read all the terms and conditions before signing the contract. What else should couples know to avoid wedding venue problems?

1. Put Everything You’ve Agreed with the Vendor in Writing.

This is the golden rule because we easily forget details.

2. Tour the Rooms You Plan to Book

See your wedding hall, reception area, and any bridal suites for the bride, groom and bridal party to freshen up in that you might need.

3. Agree on the Deposit Amount

Settle on the deposit amount and choose a date when the rest is due.


Top wedding reception venues western Sydney

4. Confirm If the Place Has a Liquor License

You don’t want trouble with the law.

5. Does the Venue Have Permission to Host Civil Ceremonies?

Believe it or not, this is actually quite an important thing to verify.

6. Does the Venue Have the Required License to Play Music?

You don’t want the neighbors calling you out for playing music at your own wedding.

7. Verify If You’ll Have Enough Parking Space for All Your Guests.

Expecting 500 guests? If half of them bring their cars, you’ll need enough space to park at least 250 cars.

8. Find Out the Cost Per Plate for Each Additional Guest.

In Sydney, an unaccounted for plus-one will set you back about $150. Now imagine 10 uninvited guests showing up!

9. Penalties for Late Payments

If you fail to pay your remaining balance on time, you might attract penalty fees.

10. Penalties for Weddings That Go Over-Time

wedding venue often give couples a set time to end their event. Over-time might incur an extra charge.

11. Will There Be Renovation Work Around Your Wedding Date?

Anything could happen and the renovation work might not finish on time. You’ll want to know ahead of time before signing that contract.
Excellent wedding reception venues western Sydney

12. Maximum and Minimum Guest Numbers

There will probably be extra charges if you exceed the venue’s carrying capacity.

13. Can You Bring Your Own Alcohol?

If you’re on a budget and trying to keep costs down you might want to bring your own booze.

14. Is There a Policy About Bringing Children to the Venue?

Some venues might have strict no-child policies because of the presence of alcohol on the premises and or other private venue reasons. Verify ahead of time.

15. Cancellation Policies and How Are Refunds Issued Out?

You may want to cancel or postpone your wedding due to an unforeseen matter. This happens all the time. Ask about refunds and how much of the total booking fee the venue will give back.

To Book a Hassle-Free Wedding Venue Contact Us

We like to see our clients stress-free. All our contracts are clear and easy-to-read. For a hassle-free experience, schedule a wedding venue tour of Clarence House today. Book with us on (02) 9750 3555 or (02) 9789 1662 or send us an email at admin@clarencehouse.com.au
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6 Dos and Don’ts of Booking a Wedding Venue – Clarence House

Booking a wedding venue sets it in stone that you’re finally going to walk down the aisle. It gets the ball rolling towards your big day, so it’s kind of a big deal. However, here are a few dos and don’ts of booking a wedding reception venue we think you need to know.

Do Read Everything in Your Contract

Before you put pen-to-paper and sign that wedding reception venue contract, make sure you’ve read and understood all the terms and conditions presented by the venue. We’ve heard many horror stories of couples who received debt-collector bills months after their reception because they failed to read all the fine print in their contracts.

Do Visit and Tour as Many Places as You Can

Many couples settle for the local church and hotel reception hall, when there are so many diverse, unique and exciting wedding venues out there, like the prestigious The Victorian, or the chic and sophisticated The Lemnos right here in Sydney. If you’re not in a rush, give yourself time to visit as many places as you can.
Clarence house wedding reception venue in Sydney

Do Inquire About Off-Season and Weekday Pricing Structures

A lot of couples are not aware that they can get lower booking fees for weekday weddings. This is also true about getting married in ‘off-seasons’ like winter and fall. You may also be delighted to find that the venues even offer discounts and promotions if you opt to host your wedding during these times.

Don’t Take Too Long Before You Book Your Dream Venue

There are only 52 Saturdays and 52 Sundays in a year. That means a venue can only host 104 weddings during the weekend each year. So if you absolutely, must get married on a Saturday or Sunday, and you’ve already found the venue of your dreams, don’t hesitate another moment to secure your date. A little delay and you might hear the unfortunate words, ‘Sorry, we’re fully booked for weekends this year.’

Don’t Try and Do Everything by Yourself

So many couples skip out on getting in-house help such as décor, catering, and music, in favor of bringing in their own people. In most cases it always ends up with the couple making last-minute panicked calls asking whether the sound guy has come, the caterer is one their way, and if the décor is ready. If a venue is offering additional services, do seriously consider taking them – it’ll make your life simpler. Trust us.
Amazing reception venue for a dream wedding in Sydney

Don’t Settle for Less-Than-Perfect Venues Because They’re Cheap

You know the wedding reception venues we’re talking about. The ones that look amazing online and then when you visit them, you’re left gasping wondering if people actually pay to have their weddings there. Yes, those venues. While it might be tempting to settle for such a venue in the hopes of getting amazing décor to hide the peeling paint and unsightly walls – don’t! It just isn’t worth it because it will cost you a fortune to hire enough décor to cover all the walls. Take our word for it.

Do Contact Us

We’d love to hear about your dream wedding, and help you find the right venue. If you would like to sit down with a wedding venue expert and tour our venues, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Clarence House agents on (02) 9750 3555 or (02) 9789 1662 or send us an email at admin@clarencehouse.com.au