The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Micro Wedding

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There’s been a buzz about micro weddings, have you heard it? If you are planning a wedding in 2020, we are pretty sure that you have considered having one. It’s undeniable that the pandemic has changed the face of the wedding industry. Some couples were forced to change their dates and others were made to scale down their wedding plans. If you find yourself in that situation and don’t know how to have a micro wedding, fear not. At Clarence House, we embrace every couple’s vision for their wedding, and we are here to give you the ultimate guide to planning a micro wedding.

1. What is a micro wedding?

There’s a lot of conflicting information about what exactly a micro wedding is. This is because they are so similar to intimate weddings. By nature, micro weddings are intimate. As a couple, you get to choose what a micro wedding means to you. What you get to realize is that micro weddings are more about the mindset than a specific number of guests. Their flexibility and intimacy are exactly what makes them special.

2. How to trim your wedding guest list

Whether you have been forced to reduce your guest list by circumstances that are beyond your control or you had planned to have a micro wedding from the get-go, trimming your guest list is inevitable. Couples will be tempted to keep adding guests and before you know it, they will need to be trimmed to fit into the schedule. The easiest way to get this done is just by simply sticking to one guest list and not entertaining the thought of adding more.

3. What to wear at your micro wedding

The fun thing about having a micro wedding is you get to wear whatever you like. This is a chance to break from tradition and fully express yourself. You can choose any outfit that will best reflect your personal style. Think along the lines of a backyard wedding dress, a wedding jumpsuit, or a black wedding gown. Whatever floats your boat, this is the time to let yourself enjoy your wedding day in an outfit of your choosing.

4. Personalize your wedding experience

The great thing about micro weddings is that they are more focused on the wedding experience that your guests will have. Things that would have been cumbersome for a big guest list become more manageable for a smaller crowd. Take your time picking out elements of the day that you are sure will enhance the wedding experience for all your guests.

There is a reason why we are one of Sydney’s best wedding reception venues. Our team has a wealth of experience hosting weddings for many couples. Contact us today and you can be one step closer to having the micro wedding of your dreams.