5 Wedding Hacks That You Seriously Need to Know

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1. Do You Need Some Great Tips for Planning Your Wedding?

Planning for a wedding can be quite overwhelming. With the appointments, budgeting, and decisions to make, it can be way too easy to feel like things are spinning a bit out of control during the wedding process. Here are 5 wedding hacks that you seriously need to know to help give your wedding that little bit of extra sparkle.

2. Make Sure Your Wedding Planning Is Stress-Free

Make sure your wedding planning is stress-free by hiring a wedding day professional. Once you have planned the wedding process, you can hand over to a day-of professional so you can relax and have an amazing day. This is one of the best investments you can make for your wedding because the wedding professional will manage your big day and ensure that everything runs smoothly and on time.

3. Set the Date

Another wedding hack you seriously need to know is that you save a lot of cash by just setting your date right. By opting to get married in November, January or February, you could save yourself up to 20%. If you make it a weekday, you can add another 5%-10% onto that. Saturday weddings are in hot demand and are definitely the most expensive day of the week to get married so going either side of Saturday could save you money.

4. Create a Specific Email Address

Setting up a separate email address for all wedding correspondence is another wedding hack you seriously need to know. This will enable all wedding-related things to be in one place and you won’t waste time searching through your personal emails. The last thing you need is to miss important emails, especially if there are cancellations. Setting up a separate email address should be the first thing you do in your wedding planning process.

5. Try Your Wedding Shoes Before Your Wedding

Try wearing your wedding shoes once a day around the house in the weeks leading up to your wedding so that they are comfortable on the big day. If you want to wear stilettos especially for an outdoor wedding, add heel protectors. These will increase the surface of the base of the heel so that you do not sink into the grass. You can also have an extra pair of wedding flat shoes to wear once the dancing begins.

6. Keep a Bridal Emergency Kit with You

You want everything to go right on the day of your wedding. So to be on the safe side it is wise to have a bridal first aid kit with you that has everything and anything you could possibly need on your wedding day.

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