The Experts Guide to a Luxury Wedding at Clarence House Venue Sydney

The Experts Guide to a Luxury Wedding at Clarence House Venue Sydney

1. Are You Planning to Host a Dream Luxury Wedding?

A luxury wedding is all about bringing luxuries together to create something truly special and bringing to life the couple’s dream wedding.

The couple that is planning a luxury wedding typically chooses their wedding venue based on how luxury and exclusive the venue is. Here is the expert guide to a luxury wedding at Clarence House.

2. About Clarence House

Located in the premier settings and heart of Sydney and boasting two world-class wedding reception venues, Clarence House has established itself into Sydney’s most inspiring and luxurious venue.

With over thirty-five years of experience in hosting thousands of weddings, Clarence House knows exactly how to make your wedding event unique, special and memorable.

3. Why Choose Clarence House Sydney for Your Wedding

The hotel offers first-class, diverse and outstanding menu options for couples to choose from.

It is key to work with a wedding team that is not only professional and knowledgeable but also accommodates the couple’s needs. We rated the number one wedding venue by guests and couples alike.

4. Why Clarence House Sydney is the Best Choice for a Wedding?

Clarence House offers international and cultural food catering services, delivering a premium, diverse and delicious menu that is exactly what the couple wants to offer their guests on their grand occasion.

5. What Are the Key Styling Tips for the Ultimate Luxury Wedding?

In the first instance, lighting is so important in setting the mood and tone of the wedding.

Secondly, always work with highly recommended suppliers, who are reliable and can deliver without any compromise.

Thirdly, consider a wedding stylist who can take away planning stress from you and help bring to life your ultimate luxurious wedding.

6. What Makes a Wedding Luxurious?

This would be a combination of paying attention to detail, having stationery in your wedding reception that adds a personal touch, having some stylish chairs, unique furnishing, and lighting that suit your style to make your wedding look luxurious.

7. What is the Current Favorite Styling Trend?

We love delighting our clients, so whatever they prefer, that is the trend. Geometric and future line or monochromatic designs are some favorite styling themes.

8. What Type of Décor and Light is Recommended to Create a Luxury Feel to a Wedding?

The décor must match the overall look and wedding theme that the couple chooses. Designers at Clarence House works with premium suppliers that can help in bringing the couple’s vision to reality.

With regards to lighting, up-lighting and pin spotting guest tables, the bridal table, and dance floor can both create a romantic feel and illuminate key décor and floral features.

Discuss Your Luxury Wedding Plans with Wedding Experts at Clarence House

Our professional and dedicated team will help you prepare, plan and organize your special day, from start to finish, to make your luxury wedding the most memorable day of your lives. Visit the best wedding venues in Sydney now or send us an email at