5 Perfect Ways to Deal With Wedding Stress

Deal With Sydney Wedding Venues Stress - reception for wedding

It’s no secret that wedding planning has some mixed emotions to it as we all know it can be a stressful and also fun task to take on board. In fact, according to insider.com, quite a number of engaged couples are turning to wedding therapists who can help take away the stress of planning their wedding. From getting the date they want, the venue of their dreams within a reasonable budget, let’s not forget the large amount of stress that comes along with the months leading to their big day. So, what are some of the best ways to deal with the tension, anxiety, and pressure that may arise so you can have a stress free wedding?

1. Increase Your Contingency by 30%

According to a report published by easyweddings.com.au, the average original wedding budget for most couples is $21,236. The couple often has a contingency of a few extra thousand dollars and many set their final wedding cost at $25,540. However, the final average wedding cost is usually around $31,368. That’s almost an extra $10,000 – talk about wedding budget stress! It’s no wonder money is one of the biggest stress factors during wedding planning. Looking at these figures it’s wise to set aside an emergency fund with 30% of your total wedding budget.

2. Don’t Let Wedding Planning Consume All Your Time

If you’re looking for how to reduce wedding stress then don’t let wedding planning be all you think and talk about with your friends, family, and partner. So, make it a point to stay away from discussing anything to do with the wedding except during designated times especially with your partner. As excited as you may be about the wedding, talking or thinking excessively about it can lead to a lot of stress. Find ways to relax can go for a run, take up a pilate’s class, plan dates with your significant other.

3. Ask for Help When You Need It

Getting a wedding planner is one of the best ways to reduce wedding planning stress during this time. If you can afford it why not let someone else handle the pressures that come along with wedding planning? It’s okay to ask for help. You’ll be more than surprised to find out that many people are there for you and are more than happy to give a helping hand.

4. Give Your Immediate Family Regular Updates

Tired of constantly being asked how things are going? Then learn to communicate with your close friends and loved ones about it to take some stress off your shoulder by simply talking about it and taking it off your chest. Some useful and helpful ideas if by creating a shared google drive document for example where you can simply update it every time you’ve achieved a good outcome or have completed a task. That way it can help you be more organized and understand what’s pending, highlighting areas you need help with, will reduce the back and forth between yourself and family members. You won’t have to constantly repeat yourself. You’ll all be on the same page.

5. Get Your Priorities Sorted Out from Day 1

Being organized can help you plan your big day? There are plenty of tools and resources available from sites like Pinterest to help you figure out the order of things. For example, the wedding venue and date are usually the very first items on the list to secure. With these booked everything else can fall into place and chances of wedding dress shopping stress and other issues will be significantly reduced.

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