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Recently engaged and need to know what to look for in a wedding venue? You’re in the right place.

The wedding venue is arguably one of the most important aspects of your big day. A great wedding reception venue equals great wedding shots and happy, content guests. The right wedding venue will be a source of eternal joy as you flip through your wedding album. So what do you need to look out for in order to find that exceptional wedding venue?

1. Enough Room

Planning on inviting grandma and her entire retirement home mates to your wedding? Well, you’re going to need plenty of room. On a more serious note, if you’re planning on inviting your family, friends, workmates, church-mates and half the town, you’ll need a great wedding venue with enough room to not only fit everyone but fit in all the needed chairs, tables, and associated wedding hire.

Things to Look for in a Wedding Venue

2. Privacy and Security

This is a big one. You don’t want any uninvited guests popping up to your reception. With the average cost per head for your guests being $150 per person, five or six extra people can really set you way off-budget. As you tour your potential venue, inquire about their privacy policy. How do they screen guests who are coming in? This is also definitely something to think about if you’re planning on choosing a hotel as your wedding venue, where there might be a simultaneous event happening just down the hall.

3. Stunning Backdrop

There’s nothing like a destination wedding if you can afford it. But even if you can’t it doesn’t stop you from finding a local venue that boasts amazing scenery. We’re talking sea views, rolling plains and mountain ranges. Even if you can’t score such a fine location, ensure that the wedding reception hall you do opt for is well maintained and has something interesting for your guests to admire, be it artwork, architecture or even just your décor!

What to Look for in a Wedding Venue

4. Lighting

This cannot be emphasized enough. Lighting will literally make or break your day. Photos require good lighting, so if you want to have great souvenirs to remember your wedding by, remember to take a good look at the lighting options provided by the venue. A great way to confirm if the lighting will be right is to visit your desired venue around the same time you hope to have your wedding. You don’t want any surprises on your big day after all.

5. Sufficient and Safe Room for Parking

You don’t want guests to constantly be running out to check if their cars are still safe to do you? If not, make sure the venue you opt for has a safe parking solution for your guests. The best would be to find a venue that has its own parking lot and parking is offered as a part of the wedding venue package.

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