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Many soon-to-be-married couples always start the wedding planning journey with so much excitement and enthusiasm. However, for many that excitement often turns into gasps of horror at the sheer expense of things. Yes, weddings are an expensive affair and one that cost the average Australian couple at least $32,000. This is particularly true of the wedding venue which usually takes up at least half of your wedding budget. So why are wedding venues so expensive anyway?

You’re paying for an experience

You might not want to believe this, but yes, your wedding is the perfect commercial payoff. Who doesn’t love a wedding? Wedding venues charge you for exactly that. Being able to give you a nice place to celebrate this milestone in your life with all your loved ones in attendance. They are charging you for the intrinsic things you haven’t even thought of. In essence, you’re paying for experience – but a really good one.

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You’re paying for venue overheads

You might not like the idea, but when you hire a wedding venue, you’re helping to pay for the venue’s overhead costs. Yes, we’re talking venue insurance, taxes, staff, utilities like water and electricity, and oh, wedding venues have to think of maintenance issues as well. So they do charge you quite handsomely in order to be able to keep the place in tip-top shape for excited couples about to get married like yourself.

You’re paying for service staff and set up equipment

If your venue offers catering and staff, then this will definitely be factored into the final price of the wedding hire fee you’ll get charged. Many people think that they can simply throw a backyard wedding and it’ll be ‘cheaper’. What they fail to realize is that you’re going to end up spending more or less the same (but putting in a whole lot more work) because – and this is at the top of our heads, you’ll have to hire a tent, bathroom trailer, chairs, dance floor, crockery, linens, lighting, microphone, and speakers, sort out insurance for your parent’s house, tent decorations and flowers.

Why Are Wedding Venues So Expensive - Clarence House

The venue has to make a profit

So when all is said and done, after the venue has paid for insurance, building upkeep, cost of water and electricity, in some cases heating, and their staff, the venue also has to make a profit. So you see, when hiring a venue you have to look at the bigger picture. You aren’t just paying for a site fee; your wedding is a community affair.

You Should Pay for an Expensive Wedding Venue?

We need you to understand that expensive doesn’t mean quality. A venue might be expensive but have nothing to show for it. Look for wedding venues of repute, that offer you promotions and discounts, a venue that’s committed to excellence and making sure your wedding is everything and more than you dreamt it to be. Clarence House is one such venue that is in a league of its own when it comes to offering unmatched wedding reception venues. To talk to one of our trusted wedding agents call us today on (02) 9750 3555, or (02) 9789 1662.