Can’t Decide Between Two Wedding Venues – Best Tips by Clarence House’s Experts

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Have you narrowed down your wedding venues to two and can’t decide which one of the two to book for your wedding?

Having two world-class venues ourselves, we have seen couples struggle to choose between the two stunning options. Over the years, (35 to be precise!), we have advised over 3,000 couples on how they should proceed. So if you want to know how to choose between two wedding venues keep reading these tips.

1. Budget

Your budget for a wedding venue, how much you are prepared to pay, will determine the type of venue you get. If both of the venues are within a similar price range and you can’t separate them based on budget, then consider the following.

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2. The packages on offer

You’ll want to ask as many questions as you can when you tour each venue. Find out if there are any price reductions for weekday weddings. Does the quote for the venue include décor? What of catering or will you have to outsource your own caterers for the big day? Do they throw in complementary bonbière or flowers? Also, what of guest parking, will it be enough for your guests and is it inclusive of the venue fee or that’s another expense you’ll have to factor in?

3. Type of Venue

Ask yourself what kind of wedding you’ve always dreamed about. Did you picture yourself getting married in a traditional setting, stone church and all? Or are you more of a contemporary and modern couple willing to marry in a wedding hall with more modern aesthetics? Knowing this will help you distinguish between two wedding venues. We know it has really helped our couples choose between our regal The Victorian reception venue which affords you the opportunity to throw a traditional wedding, and the chicer and modern The Lemnos wedding venue.

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4. Destination Wedding or Not

Destination weddings seem to resonate with a fair number of couples. This might mean getting married out-of-state, or on an entirely different island, someone says Tasmanian wedding anyone? People may opt to do this for several reasons. An out-of-state wedding venue may appear to be cheaper than where one may currently reside. However, if you choose a destination wedding, just remember that not everyone might be able to make it witness your big day. If your ideal wedding is in a destination area you might want to reconsider that particular wedding venue if the majority of your guests can’t make it. This isn’t to say you can’t get married there – in the future. Plan for your 5th or 10th anniversary.

Talk Through Your Options

You don’t have to go through the anguish of trying to figure out how to choose between two wedding venues by yourself. Let our trusted and friendly wedding planners help you weigh in your options. Call us today or sign up free for a consultation.