6 Ways to Save Extra on Wedding Expenses

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Did you know that in 2019, average couples spent between $32,000 and $53,000 at their weddings?. This was a significant increase from the average prices 5 years ago. In such a climate it is prudent to find ways to reduce your wedding expenses so that you do not incur any debt. We have put together a list of money-saving tips you can use to make sure that your wedding does not break the bank but is still a day to remember.

1. Start with a Set Budget

It may seem like it’s not important to mention this but write down a list of common wedding expenses. From this, you can craft your wedding budget. Remember to include sundries and unexpected costs. You can then start to look for ways to save. It’s hard to save by doing just one thing but with a combination of different saving methods, you can reach your target goal.

2. There’s Always Room for Negotiation

On your list of estimated wedding expenses, you will have put down quotes you received from different vendors. When vendors give quotes there’s almost always a little wiggle room in their pricing. Don’t shy away from negotiating with your vendors. A little off one bill and a little off the next bill adds up to big savings on your wedding expenses breakdown.

3. Give Yourself Enough Time

Many couples have realized this too late. The earlier you start to plan your wedding; the easier it is to get bargains. If you book your wedding venue and catering early, its most likely going to be cheaper. With more time on your hands, you can do more research and get vendors that are the least expensive without sacrificing quality.

4. Serve Your Food Buffet Style

Catering is almost always one of the biggest bills on the average wedding expenses breakdown. Reducing it even by a little can take off a significant amount of your total wedding budget. One way to do this is to serve your meal buffet style. This ensures that you will not need a big complement of the wait staff and there’s less waste than a sit-down meal.

5. Consider Non-Traditional Flowers.

Florals can cost a pretty penny but this need not be the case. Instead of using traditional flowers such as roses and tulips, opt for non-traditional flowers. Many couples have been embracing greenery in their floral pieces. This has a rustic feel to it and you can save at the same time. Other ideas include brooch and button arrangements and ornament bouquets.

6. Get Creative with It

There are many more ways to save money. You can make your own photo booth, get a friend to DJ, borrow instead of buying some things and choose a wedding venue that does not need a lot of décors. Some couples have used dummy cakes just for the pictures and had one cake to be cut for the day. Having your ceremony and reception in one place will reduce transport costs.

If you find these ideas inspiring, we have many ideas you can incorporate into your wedding day. Read our other blogs.