Pro Tips on How to Plan a Secret Wedding


The special things in life are sometimes best-kept secrets. This also applies to weddings. It’s not every couple that wants to deal with the hustle and bustle of a public wedding. There are many types of secret weddings such as civil weddings in which the couple does not disclose their marriage to their families. A judicial secret wedding is conducted by a judge in a closed court session and is mostly only allowed under special conditions. If you have chosen to have a secret wedding, below are some secret wedding ideas.

1. Choose What Type of Secret Wedding You Want

As stated above there are different types of secret weddings available for different locales. Do your research on which type of secret wedding is allowed in your jurisdiction. If there are certain criteria to be met to qualify for a secret wedding, find out what these are and see if you are eligible. If you are not sure where to get such information, speak to a wedding celebrant in your area and they should be able to give you a comprehensive list of what you need to qualify.

2. Get Your Papers in Order

If you are planning a secret wedding, there are some important documents to get in order first. You need to find someone to officiate the wedding. For this to happen you must produce your identity documents, prove that you are not married to someone else and prove that there is no prohibition that stops you from getting married. This is done by completing a notice of intended marriage form and signing it in front of a celebrant. This form will be valid for 18 months.

3. Get a Venue for Your Secret Wedding

After getting the paperwork out of the way you can start planning your secret wedding. Some couples prefer having it at the courthouse with just the judge in attendance. You can have the secret wedding officiated at your home or hire a wedding venue that can cater for a secret wedding. If you choose to use a wedding venue, speak to the venue manager and ask for a secret wedding ceremony ideas. They should be able to advise you accordingly.

4. Keep the Secret Wedding a Secret

There’s a simple rule to follow if you want to know how to plan a secret wedding. Keep the wedding a secret. You may feel tempted to tell a special friend or one relative but resist this urge. Once it is out there that you are having a secret wedding it will stop being a secret wedding and you can expect the family interference that comes along with everyone knowing.

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