List of the Best Flowers for June Wedding

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Are you wondering which wedding flowers to choose for June?
June is a great month when it comes to wedding flowers as there are so many fabulous options at this time of the year. However, choosing the perfect wedding flowers that fit your style and match your colour choice can be overwhelming, especially when the choice is so huge. Here is a selection of the best flowers for a June wedding.
Roses thrive well in hot, humid weather and can take centre stage during the month of June. The large variety of scented roses will give you a more natural, garden-style flowers.

2. Lilies

These trumpet-shaped blossoms have a strong fragrance and can give a wedding bouquet of flowers that looks contemporary. The flowers can be used to add height and additional structure too tall centrepieces.

3. Delphiniums

These tall beauties will lend a country-garden feel to wedding arrangements and create a wow factor when placed in a vase. They come in all shades of blue from powder to cobalt and navy, and most colours are at their peak from the month of June.
Delphinium flowers can be incorporated into ceremony or reception arrangements, as well as arm sheaf bouquets.

4. Bishops flower

This delicate flower looks like cow parsley, is a great choice when it comes to the best flowers for a June wedding. The flowers hold better in the vase and the dainty heads will dance above the bigger flowers, creating a lightness and meadow feel.

5. Clematis

These are pink or purple flowers on a vine. The larger heads on the vines will enable the florist to create movement and interest outside the main body of the flower arrangement.

6. Daises

Daises are one of the cutest and most versatile blooms that will bring life to your June wedding flowers. There is nothing more cheerful than a vase full of daisies, which can pair well with yellow flowers. Daises are lovely flowers for a casual wedding.

7. Lavender

The scent of lavender is very unique and one should be familiar with the scent before choosing lavender for a bouquet. The flowers make a good choice for scattering from a flower girl’s basket.

6. Yarrow

Yarrow comes in yellow tones, as well as white, pink, and red and is attractive, adding a pleasant scent to wedding flower arrangements. The cut flowers last as long as three weeks, so brides can take these home to grace their tables after the wedding ceremony.

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