The Best Wedding Entrance Ideas for Bridal Party

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Are you looking for an exciting wedding reception entrance idea that will wow your guests?
Every couple wants their wedding to stand out. The wedding reception entrance for the bridal party is one area where you can be as creative as possible. There are so many ideas about wedding reception entrances that can keep your guests thrilled and on their feet celebrating. Here are out some of the best wedding entrance ideas for the bridal party.
If your wedding is lavishly arranged and not a budget wedding, you can make the event memorable with a surprising entrance on things like a helicopter, ski boat or Jet Ski.

2. Grand entrance service

Look for a venue well suited for the latest styled weddings that provide nice entrance facilities for couples. You can have a glass elevator bringing up the newlywed couple and a stage curtain entrance.

3. Running to the finish line

Just like it happens in the race and marathons, the couple may enter the hall, hands in hands, not walking but running through a banner bearing your names, with the bridal party right behind. The banner will look appealing when matched with the wedding colors.

4. Music beat

You can play some special, wedding songs for the wedding entrance and guests will love the couple dancing into the music. Use confetti cannons, fog machines or snow machines to create an atmosphere like a dance floor.

5. Walking through sprinkling

Another great wedding entrance idea for the bridal party is welcoming then with the sprinkling of rose petals, colorful confetti and plenty of balloons matching wedding colors. This idea offers a romantic ambiance to a simple ceremony.

6. Lights projection

For an enclosed event, a projector can be used to create amazing designs and images on the ceiling as the arrival of the bridal party is announced. The projected images on the roof would be great when related to your theme.

7. Dance performance

Guests can be entertained with a romantic entrance by creating your own dancing silhouette on the projection screen. Have the lights turned off and give a romantic performance behind the curtain and then take it to the dance floor.

8. Wedding piggyback rides

This is yet another fun wedding entrance idea for the bridal party, where the groom gives his bride a piggyback ride from the entrance to the floor, followed by the bridal party. A fun romantic song playing will add a nice musical touch.

9. Walking through the hand’s tunnel

Walking through the tunnel formed by the hands of the bridal party will certainly keep everyone in the reception amazed and involved. Some lively music should be playing at the time of entrance.

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