The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Reception Seating Chart

Perfect seating chart for Sydney Wedding Venues

Did you know that a wedding reception seating arrangement chart can take weeks and even months to perfect? On top of being time-consuming, it is almost always impossible to please all your guests. It is not always possible to seat everyone with their favorite people so there has to be a way to compromise. Below are some tips to make your planning stress-free.

1. Give Yourself Enough Time

When you have received the bulk of your RSVPs, it’s time to start working on the table seating chart for the wedding reception. It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to take your time arranging your guests in a cohesive manner. Many couples have made the mistake of trying to get this done the night before the wedding and been overwhelmed. Do not make that mistake.

2. Get Your Numbers in Order

The best way to start your wedding reception seating chart is to decide how many people will sit on a table. You have to take into account the table shapes and their capacity. You can then start a rough draft of guest placements. You can put this into a new spreadsheet or use free wedding seating chart templates. If you have this done, then you’re well on your way to getting the ultimate seating chart.

3. Prioritize Your Placements

Different families have varying dynamics and these should be respected in your placements. If you have divorced parents, it may be a good idea to keep them on separate tables. Quarreling aunts are also best kept on opposite sides of the wedding venue. Once you have placed the important people on their tables then you can fill in the blanks with people they get along well with.

4. If Overwhelmed, Get Help

It may not always be so clear cut who to place on what table. In such cases, you can call for backup. Parents can be invaluable in this situation. They can help you figure out how to seat their friends and how to diffuse any potential conflicts that may arise on the day. If you are still not sure that the seating arrangement will not cause problems on the day, inform your wedding planner in advance so that they can deal with any problems on the day.

5. Keep Your Wedding Venue in Mind

Now that you have assigned all your guests to a specific table, you can then decide on the table arrangement. Important guests must have a clear view of all the wedding festivities. It may be a good idea to place them close to the dance floor or next to where the bride and groom will be. Guests that have special needs such as those in wheelchairs and the elderly can be put in a central place where they can easily move around.

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