Top 7 Weekend Wedding Planning Ideas

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Who doesn’t love an unforgettable wedding? Weddings bring families together in a celebratory mood. If you’re wondering what could be better than that… imagine a whole wedding weekend of festivities.

Planning a wedding weekend can seem daunting but it does not need to be. Welcome parties and good-bye brunches are just the icings on the cake, there are many more ideas we have put together below that you can use to keep your wedding guests entertained all weekend long.

1. Plan Your Wedding Weekend

Have a wedding weekend checklist that you will use to ensure that you make all the necessary reservations in good time. Listing all your planned activities will help you come up with a packing list for a wedding weekend for your guests. Circulate this list well on time.

2. Gift Your Guests with a Welcome Bag

This is a fun way to make sure that your guests get in the mood for the weekend. You can put together small gifts that are personalized for your wedding. You can also include the wedding itinerary with important dates, specific times and transportation details.

3. Have a Welcome Party

This is the perfect start to any weekend. Members of both families and friends that may not be as familiar with each other can use this time to get acquainted. If you are planning to have an extravagant weekend, make this part a bit more laid-back so that all your guests are at ease.

4. Book a Hotel Hospitality Suite

If you are planning to have your guests staying in one place, reserve a hospitality suite. Wedding weekend venues may also have accommodation for large groups, these are also a great option. Having everyone in the same place makes it easier for planning group activities.

5. Plan ‘Other Activities’

Yes, everyone will have traveled to celebrate with you but incorporating other activities that aren’t part of the standard celebrations can make it more fun for them. This can become a mini-vacation where people get to relax as well as enjoy the wedding weekend.

6. Have a Rehearsal Dinner

This is a must-have event that people will be looking forward to all weekend long. It is a great chance to thank important people that have been involved in your wedding planning. You can gift them with a bottle of wine or flowers and also have speeches or toasts from loved ones.

7. Have a Farewell Brunch

At the end of a great weekend of festivities, this is the perfect send-off for your guests. It will be the perfect time to thank all your guests. It does not need to be a big expense as you can host it at a family home or a friend’s backyard.

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