Entertain Your Guests with 8 Wedding Games in 2020

Best Wedding Games for Your Sydney reception venues wedding

Throw a wedding that’s not only fun but filled with great games geared to get people having fun from the word go!

Wedding games are a great way to break the ice, get people loosened up, and ready to have fun on your big day! If you were wondering how you were going to entertain guests, boy do we have some ideas for you – 8 to be precise. Whether you’re having a small intimate wedding or a lavish one with lots of guests, these games are going to be a hit.

Indoor Games

For some inspirational fun wedding reception games for guests keep reading!


Jenga is not only a game that deserves to be on this list because of how easy it is to play but because of the way in which it brings people together. It’s one of those games that will demand a good amount of concentration as well as good-natured fun.

Did You Know

This is one game that’s sure to get the crowd roaring with laughter. The bride and groom sit with their backs to each other and have their partner’s shoes and one of their own in one hand. The master of ceremonies asks them questions pertaining to them as a couple to see how well they know each other.

I Spy with My Eye

Now I spy isn’t a game for the tiny tots alone. It’s one of those wedding mini-games that’ll get everyone involved as they try to figure out the thing that’s being asked.

Board Games

Yes, with an array of board games to choose from you can have one entire table dedicated to these alone. Consider placing dominoes, chess, checkers, monopoly and even a deck of cards on this games table.

Truth or Dare

Things are certainly bound to get very interesting when you play this risqué game. Watch as people’s dares turn into very interesting proposals. Best left to the end of the night, this is bound to be a memorable game.

Outdoor Games

If you’re hosting your wedding outdoors, you might like to consider some outdoor wedding reception games.

Wedding Bingo

Bingo never disappoints. It’s a great ice breaker especially if you’re throwing an intimate wedding and wish your guests to know each other.

Wedding Drinking Game

No list of wedding activities for adults would be complete without at least one drinking game! Step in flip the cup. In this game, guests take it in turns to answer trivia questions. If a person gets a question wrong they are obliged to drink a shot! Let the games begin.

Musical Chairs

Do you want to see grown-ups scrambling for chairs? Then say hello to one of the most hilarious wedding ceremony games you’ll ever get to play – musical chairs. It’s a game where a chair is progressively removed and music played. When the music ends people are meant to rush for a chair. The person without a chair is automatically disqualified.

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