Top 6 Tips to Find Out Your Wedding Style

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The faster you can decipher your wedding style, the sooner you can start planning your wedding. Here are tips to help you figure out your wedding style.

Planning a wedding can be a stressful affair. From the décor to the menu, to the venue and the clothing. It can be a nightmare. However, one simple way to figure out all these issues is to first find out what your own unique wedding style is. So, how do you go about finding what your wedding style is? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top 6 practical tips.

1. Defining Style

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s define what the wedding style consists of. Wedding style refers to your choice of colors, décor, music, food as well as minor details that will make your day personal. Style can encompass traditional wedding themes or contemporary elements. But the bottom line is that style is personal. No one can choose it for you.

2. Look at What Inspires You

What type of weddings inspires you? Romantic elegant wedding theme, vintage weddings, rustic weddings, or traditional weddings? What inspires you is a great place to draw ideas of what your own style is.

3. Spend Time Thinking About Your Story

Spend time reflecting on your own story. What things make you and your partner unique? What are some of those elements that you’d like to come through on your big day? What do you want your guests to know about you as a couple? Do you guys share something unique that you’d like represented? Faith, religion, culture?

4. What Are Your Favourite Colours?

Colors affect all of us differently. We all have colors that make us feel happy and some colors we are immune to. What are those colors that conjure up happiness in you? There are some couples who like sombre dark colors and others who prefer bright and cheery ones. Settling on colors early on will make choosing décor, flowers, and bridesmaids dress easier.

5. What Type of Venue Appeals to You?

What wedding reception styles appeal to you? An outdoor wedding, barnyard wedding, chapel wedding, or destination wedding? The place you wish to say ‘i do’ will help you to figure out what your style is.

6. Create a Portfolio of Ideas

Spend time browsing picture-based sites like Pinterest and Instagram to see different wedding themes and styles. Doing this will show you what you like. You’ll also be able to visually see what you don’t like. Create a portfolio or folder of pictures to aid you in refining your own style.

7. Consult with Wedding Experts

Once you’ve got an idea of what you want, consider talking to a couple of wedding experts who’ll help you refine your vision. Wedding stylists and planners like the team at Clarence House can offer insightful recommendations and guidance. Armed with these top tips you’ll be able to sift through the different wedding styles to identify your own unique style.

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