How Much Does a Wedding Celebrant Cost in Sydney

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Prepping for your wedding and keen to find out how much does a wedding celebrant charge?

If you are planning your wedding, you will need a wedding celebrant. You may be wondering what a wedding celebrant is, what they do exactly, and why you need one. Finally, you may wonder how much does a wedding celebrant cost in Sydney? Read on to get answers to all your questions concerning wedding celebrants

What Is a Wedding Celebrant?

Wedding celebrants are people that conduct marriage ceremonies. In Australia, there are four categories of celebrants that are recognized under the law. These are commonwealth-registered marriage celebrants, commonwealth-registered religious marriage celebrants, ministers of religion who are from a recognized denomination, and state and territory officers. You can access a database with all the authorized wedding celebrants in Australia here.

Why Do I Need One?

Put simply, you need a wedding celebrant in order for your wedding to be considered legally binding. A wedding celebrant, however, will do more than just show up on the day and perform the ceremony. After you’ve booked a celebrant, you can start working on the wording of the ceremony. A good celebrant will not just recite a premade script but will tailor your ceremony for you. You can also get help with your vows to ensure they match before the day without having to read each other’s vows.

How Much Does a Wedding Celebrant Cost?

In Australia, the average cost of a wedding celebrant ranges from $350 to $1500. The cost of getting a wedding celebrant varies between states. Celebrants that come with the venue you choose are usually more affordable than independent ones. You can negotiate with your celebrant and settle for a price point that both of you are happy with. Some offer different packages with different price points and you can just choose which one best suits you.

What Is Factored in the Cost of a Wedding Celebrant?

The type of ceremony you are planning on having impacts on how much your wedding celebrant will charge you. A simple and straight forward ceremony will not be as pricey as a more elaborate one with a unique script or theme. The time of year you choose to have your wedding is also a factor. Summer ceremonies may cost more as the wedding celebrants will have many ceremonies to perform.

The cost of processing your wedding certificate is part of your celebrant’s charge. After the wedding, the celebrant must file all the legal forms you would have filled to births, deaths and marriage registry. This is so that your wedding is legally recognized. Finally, your wedding celebrant will have to travel to and from your wedding venue. If your venue is in a remote place, overnight accommodation is also factored into the cost of your wedding package.

Now that you have all there is to know about wedding celebrants and the associated wedding celebrant cost, contact one and start making plans for your big day!

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