5 Things You Should Know Before Planning a DIY Wedding in South Coast NSW

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Wedding planning is no joke. There is a reason people are paid to do this as a job! However, we understand that there are some couples out there, who like getting down and getting their hands dirty. That’s fine by us, so long as you don’t forget to have fun and keep the fire burning during the planning stage of your wedding.
Before you finalize things and rule out getting professional wedding planners and event coordinators to help you out, we thought we should highlight 5  things you should know before you start planning a DIY wedding in South Coast, NSW.

1. Settle Your Budget First Before Anything Else

Before you go out checking all the lavish hotels and wedding reception venues available in NSW, first determine how much you actually have to spend on your wedding. Look at your own savings, talk to your parents if appropriate and have a figure in mind. Divide this figure into two – actual budget and buffer for emergencies (about 15% of your entire budget).

DIY Wedding South Coast NSW

2. Figure Out a Guest List and Stick to It!

Your wedding venue is going to take up most of your budget – at least half. Your venue will largely be determined by how many people are on your guest list. Remember that it’s not just the venue that is costly where guests are concerned, but it’s the price you’ll also have to pay per head for catering, alcohol, parking and the number of tables.

3. Where and When Can You Get Discounts?

Knowing the right people to ask questions can save you a ton of headaches. Ask your vendors to recommend people they have worked within the past. You might even find that your vendors know where and when you can get the best discounts for flowers, decor, wedding venues, etc. Don’t neglect to ask friends and family who’ve recently gotten married if they can recommend any reliable and trustworthy vendors to work with.

South Coast NSW DIY Wedding Planning

4. Figure Out Meal Plans for Everyone Involved

In order for you to have a successful wedding, there will be so many people working hard behind the scene on your big day. And all these people need to be fed. Don’t get carried away planning your sophisticated sit-down meal that you forget the foot soldiers laboring tirelessly to ensure that you have a hassle-free wedding. You can ask your caterer to prepare something for them.

5. Ask for Payment Plans from Vendors and Write It Down!

The golden rule of wedding planning: write everything down. There will be so much to remember, that details such as payment plans and when money is due are things that certainly must be written down without fail.

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