5 Ingenious Ways to Keep the Fire Burning While Planning Your Wedding

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Wedding planning can be exhausting. It’s very easy for tempers to flare as you try to agree on what you both want on your big day. It’s easy for the romance to fly out of the window. So how do you strike that balance? How do you plan a wedding together (without killing each other) and still keep the sparks flying? Here are our top 5 recommendations.

1. Schedule Date Nights Regularly

You remember all the fun times you used to have while courting? Yes, when you used to dress up and go out for dinner and a movie? Don’t let that go. Schedule regular date nights and keep things simple. Avoid wedding talk during your time out. Just enjoy each other’s company and the moment. Use these date nights to create memories leading up to the big date. Remind each other why you chose each other.

2. Write Love Letters to Each Other

As cheesy as it sounds, letter writing was the way in which millions of couples the world over-communicated their love for centuries. Discover the lost art of letter writing. Use the opportunity to put down your feelings. Make it extra special by going out and buying actual letter writing stationery. Get good quality letter writing paper and envelopes. What to write about? The first time you saw your significant other, your first kiss what you felt, your hopes and dreams for your life together.
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3. Assemble Some Friends to Help You Plan

You two don’t have to do it all by yourself. If you have friends who are currently courting, rope them in to help you plan your own wedding. It’ll give them invaluable experience when they decide to get married. Hire wedding venue if your budget allows for it. This will give you enough room to focus on spending quality time with your partner.

4. Plan Your Honeymoon Together

Want to retreat to an island for your honeymoon? Thinking of the Maldives, Seychelles or Bora Bora? Planning your honeymoon together can get you too pumped up for what’s to come. Choose the place together, and what activities you’ll do when you get there. Let your imagination run wild with anticipation! Trust us; it’s good for you, what with all the stress of planning the wedding.

5. Exchange Meaningful Gifts

If you’ve been keeping your grandmother’s earrings or family heirloom waiting to give them to the right person this may be the time to gift them to your bride. Or perhaps you’ve gone ahead and bought a set of matching clothing. Don’t skip out on the small but meaningful things that solidify relationships.

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