Why You Should Seriously Consider an Open Space Wedding Venue

Idyllic Picturesque Open Space Wedding Reception Venue Sydney
A wedding set in an idyllic picturesque open space with bright light, fresh air, and gorgeous views. Who wouldn’t want such a wedding reception? Gone are the days when people were limited to hosting their weddings in hotels or banquet halls. Today, there is a wide range of places where you can host your wedding. Gardens and parks are now becoming an increasingly popular option thanks to their budget-friendly nature.
Here are our top five reasons why you should seriously consider an open space wedding venue for your upcoming nuptials.

1. Outdoor Wedding Equals Stunning Wedding Photos

We all know that natural light is the best when it comes to taking photos. Your photographer’s job will be that much easier, and you’ll get the most memorable, beautiful wedding photos to cherish for life.

2. Revel in Breath-Taking Natural Scenery

When you have an indoor wedding at a hotel, your guests are limited to looking at the walls and each other. However, with an open space wedding venue, your guests have the freedom to walk around the gardens and enjoy the lovely scenery. Plus there’s plenty of fresh air so no stuffy banquet halls for you!

3. Cut Down on the Amount of Décor Needed

The ideal open space for a wedding is one that’s exquisitely designed boasting perfectly manicured lawns and picture-perfect flowers. With such a backdrop, you don’t need that much décor to spruce up the place. You can really keep things simple and let the environment add the needed charm to your reception area.
Memorable & Beautiful Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

4. Take Advantage and Throw a Low-Key Hassle-Free Wedding

No bride ever really wants to spend the entire day in high-heels. A garden wedding allows you the chance to take it easy. Natural makeup, simple hair, a flower wreath for your crown, you can really throw a beautiful low-key wedding that’s friendly on your pocket.

5. Host Your Ceremony and Reception in One Place

If you don’t want the cost of booking two separate wedding venues in Sydney for your ceremony and reception, an open space might be what you are looking for. You’ll be able to exchange your vows and enjoy your reception in one fixed place. This also cuts out the need to hire cars to ferry you and your bridal team and guests from the church to the reception area.

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