5 Unique Wedding Trends Couples Need to Know About in 2020

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Are you having your wedding in 2020 and could use some new wedding trends in 2020 inspiration?

A brand-new year brings new inspiration. This year, in particular, marks the beginning of a new decade. Doesn’t this excite you? With new seasons, décor ideas and wedding venue trends 2020 to look forward to this is the perfect time to start planning your wedding. We have put together a list of 2020 wedding trends that you can use as inspiration for your big day. Read on to find out unique ideas this new decade has in store.

1. Consider a Non-Traditional Venue

If you have a vision for your wedding that is not cookie-cutter, an unconventional wedding venue may just be for you. These are places that will make your wedding experience as opposed to just another weekend event. Festival sites, greenhouses, historical sites and summer retreat camps are a few ideas of unexpected venues you can choose from. Industrial-chic themes are also an option for those who opt to use revamped warehouses or former factories.

2. Consider Non-Traditional Flowers

This is a great way to minimize the amount of money you spend on your flowers. Roses, tulips and other traditional wedding flowers can be very expensive. Dried flowers like daisies and baby’s breath give a beautiful rustic look without breaking the bank. Foliage such as succulents, leaves, and twigs can all make unique looking flower arrangements. These are reusable meaning you can use the same flowers for your engagement party and your wedding as well.

3. Consider Adding Metallic Details

Among some of the leading 2020 wedding ideas for this year is the concept of going big and bold with metallic details. Copper, rose-gold, and titanium are very trendy and will make your wedding very unique. It is important to choose a metal that will accent your décor well and bring out your theme. Copper, in particular, makes a venue look cozy while bronze tends to give a medieval flair. Rustic bridal showers can also incorporate metallic hues if the colors are chosen well.

4. Consider a Dark Colour Palette

The decade of strictly using light colors for your wedding palette is behind us. 2020 wedding reception trends favor darker shades. Darker colors can be used to reflect the bride and groom’s personality, style and to tell the love story of the two. Greens, blues and reds are all bright and vibrant colors to put into your wedding palette. Do not shy away from fully expressing yourself this year. Go big, go bold!

5. Consider a Different Seating Arrangement

Instead of having the traditional long or round tables, new wedding trends in 2020 lean more towards a different type of seating arrangement. A 360-degree seating arrangement where you circularly arrange the chairs with the bride and groom in the middle is a unique way to make everyone feel involved in the wedding.

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