Your Wedding Day Photo Shot List (6 Unique Ideas)

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Did you know that the average couple spends about 8-10 percent of their wedding budget on photography and/or videography? There are many reasons for this, more than enjoying the photoshoot on the day, photos are what your children and grandchildren will see. This is an art that you can enjoy for a very long time to come as it documents the beginning of your new family. We have compiled a list of unique photo shots for your big day.

1. Ask for Drone Pictures

This will literally take your wedding photos to new heights. Photos were taken by a drone to give a beautiful bird’s eye perspective to your day. You can have some aerial photos taken as you walk down the aisle. This will show your wedding dress in all its splendor and capture that beautiful moment for years to come. Add this idea to your wedding shot list.

2. In Rain or Shine

The weather may not always cooperate with your planned shots but take it in stride. Capturing unexpected weather changes will give your shots a very unique style. These unexpected shots are the most memorable and you will always have a story to tell. Use the changing weather as a backdrop for very unique photos.

3. Make a Splash

This for the more adventurous couples that want to compile a unique wedding photo shot list. If there is a pool at your wedding venue you can take a dive at the end of the day. Talk to your photographer and see if he can capture some underwater shots. These quirky water photos will be a hit with whoever gets to see them.

4. Utilize Negative Space

Ask your photographer to go wide and make use of whatever negative space you have available at your wedding venue. This can be in the form of a brick wall or a very high hedge. Negative space photos will make you and your entourage stand out and make the pictures more memorable. Make the background composition of these shots very simple for the extra flair.

5. Capture Beauty in the Chaos

Candid moments that can be considered as ‘messy’ can make for very beautiful pictures. Imagine a shot that captures the moment when confetti is billowing around you and your loved ones. If you decide to have a cake fight, capturing this moment can be fun. These shots are made for the wedding album. Add them to your wedding shot list ideas.

6. Capture Action Shots in the Festivities

While your guests are dancing or walking from the ceremony to the reception, ask your photographer to capture these live-action shots. These candid moments can be breathtaking especially in photos. Finally, talk to your photographer and make sure he captures candid moments of those that are near and dear to you.

If you find these ideas inspiring, we have many ideas you can incorporate into your wedding day. Read our other blogs.