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Are You Wondering How You Are Going to Pop the Question?

Taking that step to ask your partner if they will spend the rest of their life with you can be a daunting task. However, you want to make sure that you’ve done it right. Whether you choose a grand and elaborate gesture or you opt for a low-key private proposal, the point is to make it memorable. This is why we’ve put together this list of creative ways to pop the question.

1. Organize a Treasure Hunt

Clarence House is an excellent wedding venue where you can organize a treasure hunt that ultimately leads to your partner finding a note with your question. Boasting lush gardens and stunning ballrooms, this will be a treasure hunt they will never forget. We’re pros when it comes to helping out with marriage proposal ideas. Our wedding planners can give you good tips.

2. Digital Proposals Are So in These Days

One of the best proposal ideas we’ve seen to date is of a man who re-wrote his girlfriend’s favorite Disney-movie – sleeping beauty – and inserted his proposal into the film. Proceeding to rent out an entire movie theatre and invite friends and family, he really set the bar quite high for creativity, effort, and an all-time unforgettable proposal.

3. Flash Mob Proposals Are All the Rage

If you’re sure that your partner won’t mind all the attention then consider a flash mob proposal. If you really want to impress, don’t just hire others to dance but be involved as well like this man who organized a spectacular flashmob surprise proposal. Don’t forget to get permission to do this flashmob proposal in a public space.

4. Ink Your Proposal in the Sky

Is love making you feel dizzy and high? Well, why not take it to the sky – literally. Get a skywriter to creatively pop the question on your behalf. Not only is this ingenious but it’s very special. How often does one get a sky-high proposal? If you want to knock the wind right out of your partner, then this is definitely a one-sure fire way to do it.

5. Compose/Pick a Song and Sing It

Are you a musical couple? Does your significant other enjoy it when you serenade them in song? One of the proposal ideas that we’ve seen becoming a trend is composing a song and then singing it as a proposal. Not only is it personal, but it will leave a lasting memory making that song one of your all-time favorites as a couple.

Get a Helping Hand with Your Proposal

Our team of wedding planners here at Clarence House is ready to help you plan your proposal. Get in touch with us for more wedding proposal ideas.

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