Plan your Dream Destination Wedding on a Budget

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Are you planning to have a destination wedding somewhere outside of your hometown but think it might be too pricey?
A destination wedding can be one of the most gorgeous and fun options for your marriage. It can also be very expensive when you add up all the costs associated with hosting a far-away celebration, especially if you have a large group of guests. However, there are different ways to cut down costs. Here are some tips on how to plan your dream destination wedding on a budget.
In order to earn the most return on your dream destination wedding on a budget, choose a package that takes care of every detail. Most wedding package deals are inclusive of the venue itself and its décor, flowers, music, photography and more. This removes the price tag of paying for each individual service.

2. Embrace the Local Scene

If the venue hosting your destination wedding on a budget does not offer an all-inclusive option, you can decrease your food and beverage bill by trying out the local cuisine. Do research on local breweries or wineries to see how you can incorporate the destination flavor into your beverage line-up.

3. Keep It Small

When you’re planning a dream destination wedding on a budget, a shorter guest list works best. Decide who you really want to attend and remember, smaller celebrations mean smaller budgets. Many places have a variety of packages and when you have fewer guests, you can get away with a full wedding, with food and all, for a few thousand dollars. As a bonus, it also allows more flexibility, since you are not working around the complicated schedules of over a hundred close friends.

4. Let Your Surroundings Be Your Backdrop

To minimize the costs of decorations, you can let the natural and often breathtaking surroundings of your destination wedding speak for themselves. If you are by the beach there’s no need to splurge on extra ceremony details when you have the bright waters as your backdrop.

5. Extend Your Trip into a Honeymoon

Why fly to another destination when you are already exchanging vows on a beautiful venue? Extending your trip into a honeymoon eliminates the need to plan another vacation. Depending on which venue you partner with, you may even reap rewards as many resorts will offer special honeymoon packages with perks.

6. Choose a Weekday

Although this may prevent some guests on your invite list from attending, consider a weekday celebration to reduce the price of not only the wedding itself but airfare, too. Many resorts offer discounts to those having their celebration on a weekday and there will be less crowding too.

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