Don’t Miss These 10 Summer Wedding Ideas for 2020

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Are you planning on having a summer wedding? This is an exciting season to have your big day. Getting a vision of what you want your day to look like on time will reduce your stress as you get closer to the day. We have put together 10 summer wedding trends for you to get inspired.

1. Go Bold with Your Decor

Summer is all about color and beauty all around. Your summer wedding reception décor should be the same. Adding a few statement pieces, incorporating innovative lighting and having flowers literally everywhere will make your wedding pop. Find a theme that resonates with you and then have fun with it, after all its summer!

2. Take Time to Plan the Guest Experience

After the wedding is over, most guests will not be able to remember the small details like your place settings or the style of champagne chutes you had. For it to be a day to remember, find something unexpected (think of unique performances or interactive entertainment) that your guests will always talk about.

3. Consider a Unique Altar or Backdrop

Having a unique altar is one of the most popular wedding ideas for summer 2020. This can be a focal point for all your décor and can be a conversation starter. Instead of the traditional altar or the usual flower backdrop, you can have a different theme for your altar. Let it reflect your interests and express your creativity.

4. Make Your Guests More Involved

Another idea for a summer wedding reception is to have your guests participate more in your wedding program. You can have them read aloud personalized wishes to the couple in-between different parts of your wedding reception.

5. Have an Art Inspired Wedding

If you are an art lover, this one is for you. Many couples are including works of art in their weddings. This can come in the form of a special art installation or one of a kind art inspired wedding invitations.

6. Set Up a ‘Touch-Up’ Booth

For many ladies, a lot of time is spent waiting in line for the bathroom so they can touch up their makeup. You can hire a makeup artist to set up a booth where the ladies can get a fresh coat of lip-gloss or redo a few curls.

7. Have Fun with Your Wedding Favours

You can have your guests personalize their wedding favors. You can set up a photo booth where guests can take fun photos, have them printed and added to a key chain with the names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding.

8. Make Your Bouquet More Personal

You can have meaningful additions to your bouquet. A discreet photo of a loved one or jewelry from a special time in your life can make your bouquet more special.

9. Have Family Inspired Cocktails

Custom cocktails have been done before and they are usually inspired by the bride or groom. This summer let your inspiration come from your family. This is a fun way to honor them during your big day.

10. Make a Difference

Let this be a chance to reach out and share a message that’s close to your heart. You can add fun quotes to your wedding menus or your wedding program.

Armed with these simple wedding ideas for summer you’re well on your way to planning an unforgettable day!

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