Top 5 Ideas to Choose Wedding Cake in 2020

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Have you ever wondered why wedding cake trends are always evolving? This is because the wedding cake is very important and symbolizes future sweetness in the marriage. Some have even gone on to say that the wedding cake is the only guest with its own table, that’s how important wedding cake is. We have put together a list of wedding cake ideas you can use to choose yours this year.

1. Floating Tier Wedding Cakes

Traditional wedding cakes are always tiered. But why not take it up a notch in 2020? These wedding cakes are a clever way to add the illusion of height to your wedding cake. Instead of having a tall 7-tiered cake why not have the classic 3 tiers but with a luxurious twist that adds some extra height. This is one of the wedding cake trends in 2020.

2. Luxurious Pearl Wedding Cakes

Pearls are known to be the queen of gems. They have been a part of the bridal culture for a very long time. Instead of leaving the pearls in your grandmother’s jewelry box why not use them to make your wedding cake glow. New wedding cake trends incorporate edible pearls in the wedding cake. You can have this as a standout feature at your wedding as well.

3. Grand Multi-Tiered Wedding Cakes

These wedding cakes are showstoppers and are the pinnacle of luxury wedding cakes. They are usually tall and have many tiers, some going as high as 10 tiers. Because of their large size, these become the focal point of the wedding reception. Lore has it that the number of tiers reflects how long the marriage will last so the sky is the limit with this one and have as many tiers as you please.

4. Redefined Carved Wedding Cakes

This is one of the latest wedding cake trends. Art can be incorporated into your wedding cake to give a visually stunning result. Sculptured cakes can take any form that you like and cake makers have fun creating one of a kind cakes. Some new sculptured wedding cake designs are gravity-defying and are a great way to express the couple’s individuality during the wedding reception.

5. Watercolor Wedding Cakes

Paint has been incorporated into wedding cakes for a very long time. This wedding cake trend, however, takes painting wedding cakes to the next level. With watercolors, you can have pretty florals added to your wedding cake or have contemporary graphics. Scripted calligraphy with special messages can also be done. You don’t have to stick to light colors, dark watercolor will make any cake pop.

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