Creative Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony

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Do you want to personalize your wedding ceremony, but don’t know where to start?

Wedding ceremonies come in all forms and it’s up to you and your future spouse (as well as your officiant) to decide how you’d like the proceedings to go. There are several ways to make your ceremony feel like you and represent your love, little touches that will make your ceremony truly feel personal. Here are some creative ways to make your wedding ceremony more personal.

1. Let Your Wedding Officiant Get to Know You

Your ceremony will largely be led by your officiant, so it’s important to choose someone who is keen to get to know you and your spouse and will be able to understand your personalities, your story, and any special needs or desires you may have.

2. Add Heirloom Accessories

One way to personalize your wedding ceremony is by including accessories or other items passed down from family members or friends, like your great-grandmother’s handkerchief or brooch, or a religious item that has been part of your family for generations.

3. Share Photos

If you can, display photos of you and your spouse in the entryway to your ceremony space so that your guests can have a quick summary of your history as a couple.

4. Involve the Little Ones

Children can add a light-hearted and fun-loving touch to a wedding ceremony. You can have your flower girl or page boy making their way up the aisle with a sign in hand announcing the bride’s arrival or have them carry the wedding rings on special cushions or in an engraved box.

5. Choose Meaningful Music That You Love

Some ceremonies require specific musical selections, but if you have any flexibility in the score of your ceremony, choose songs with some significance to you as a couple.

6. Set Up a Cool Seating Arrangement

Another way to personalize your wedding ceremony is to mix up your ceremony seating arrangement and get your guests to mingle, if your ceremony venue has flexibility, keeping in mind your guests’ comfort.

7. Include a Unique Ritual

You may choose to include a unique ritual, like a handfasting, wine, candle lighting, or sand ceremony into your wedding ceremony, with the approval of your officiant.

8. Add Your Own Vows

Make your vows extra special and meaningful by adding in some words of your own. This will make your wedding ceremony absolutely your own. Be sure to use your officiant as a resource or sounding board.

9. Have a Fun Recessional

Now that you are married, it’s time to celebrate. Choose upbeat music for this exciting time and if your venue allows, you can ask your guests to toss confetti or pom-poms, paper planes, blow bubbles, or wave ribbon wands or flags.

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