Top 5 Must-Read Advice for Newlywed Couples

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They say that the first couple of years are the hardest for a lot of newlyweds. Even if a couple is deeply in love, arguments and disagreements will be encountered throughout the marriage. Instead of shrinking away from these, a strong couple should have the ability to resolve their conflicts all the time without letting things getting out of hands or allowing other family members. Below, we have put together some advice for the newly married. This great advice for newlyweds comes from seasoned married couples and experts in marriage counseling. Read on!

1. Create a ‘Couple Bubble’

A couple of bubbles is a relationship’s safety and security system. Think of a couple of bubbles as a cocoon that is created by shared values and a couple’s promises to each other. This cocoon protects the couple from any outside forces. Affirmations such as, ‘the marriage are more important than my need to win an argument’ and ‘i will always tell my spouse first if anything big happens in my life’ strengthen the couple bubble.

2. Communication Is Key

Respect is the keystone of effective communication in marriage. When you speak respectfully, tough issues can be discussed without provoking each other. This allows a couple to freely speak on any issue before it becomes big and, by so doing, avoid resenting each other. Cultivate an environment in your home where each of you can freely express your deepest fears and your wildest dreams. This simple advice for newlyweds is very effective.

3. Have Shared Interests

‘a couple that trains together stays together’, this may not apply to all couples but the idea behind it is important. Having shared experiences strengthens the couple’s bond. Look for novel and engaging activities that you can do together. It could be hiking, reading the same book, watching a tv show together, or joining a cooking class as a couple. Shared interests can also be used to make sure that your relationship never becomes monotonous.

4. Drop the Exes

Some people have that ex that they really connected to emotionally. Even when the relationship ended, they still managed to keep those emotional ties. For a married couple, such exes can cause trouble. If you have an ex that you feel more connected to even when your spouse is there, it is a good idea to remove them from your life. Keeping them around can bring about jealousy and suspicion. Let bygones be bygones.

5. Prioritize ‘Me’ Time

It is important to spend quality time together as a couple, but alone time is just as important. Being able to be comfortable alone and be happy allows you to bring that happiness to your spouse. A couple should be able to have time that they spend apart without feeling like they are threatening their relationship. Time apart also allows you to miss your spouse and as we all know, ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’.

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